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The Knottery is having its winter sale: 35% off many items with code WINTERSALE.
Bought a pair yesterday, along with the Walden loafers ($77). Does anyone know how Walnut Cloud compares to Bourbon? I've already got a pair of the latter, so I'm hoping they're not the same.
Depends on what you're looking for. You can get non-staple suits for around $400 pretty routinely on clearance when there is a F&F sale.
Has anyone actually gotten the deal to work at Shoebank?
I received a $25 off coupon for the Connecticut Avenue Brooks Brothers in DC, which just reopened. Has anyone tried to combine it with the 3 for $189 Columbus Day sale for dress shirts?
Yep. Paid $411 for it.
For those looking for suits, there are a number of 1818 Fitzgerald's in the sale section for $549. Taking the 25% F&F discount off, that's a very good deal. Here's the whole Fitz Sale Selection: I just bought this light grey double-bead in 40R, which I believe is Luciano Barbera cloth. And to preempt the question from noobs, no, you cannot stack the Corporate Sale with the Sales Section.
Just bought two 40R Canali suits for £275 apiece. MOL, much appreciated. Incredible deal.
It's $229 less 30%, which comes out to $160. For staples, there's no better price.You can stack through the website or just by calling their central telephone number. I do this every six months.
New Posts  All Forums: