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My favorite thing to do is to watch people trying to text while they are intoxicated. You can generally tell exactly what they are thinking by the dopey facial expressions.
Go for the magic flight launch box. It is simple, efficient, and just a great tool to use wherever you go.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser The age difference is a smokescreen. She is politely telling you that she's not into you. I assumed as much. That is the way of things!
Do I go just for a stereo receiver?
Went on three dates with this girl. She was honest, smart, and very witty. We hit it off, ended up kissing a few times. Yesterday, we get together and she announces that our age difference is putting us at different spots in our lives and she does not want another relationship. I'm 20, she is 24. Bummed, because I thought I had a good thing going. Never ever count your chickens before they hatch.
Hello everyone. I am looking to purchase a receiver. Currently I have a set of Polk satellite speakers and a Polk subwoofer. I am going to be mainly playing music. I'm looking at a few Onkyos but would like the suggestions and advice that any of you all may have to offer. Thanks for your time. The room is pretty small that the setup will be in. Thanks again.
I just got a pair of Red Wing Moc Toes for $170 new . I are so happy.
Bhowie, I've never played but I have always head UO was one of the greatest. I'd be willing to give that a roll.
Are these still alive? Lemme know
I played FFXIV for two weeks. A terrible game. I wanted to like it, as I got heavy into ffxi, but honestly it is garbage. Too bad.
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