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Yes, the is exactly what I was looks for. Heading to Vienna for Silvester though so we'll see w hat Austria has in store as well.
Tight around the instep (good for thin feted people like me) quite taperd but not too narrow. They're quite long as well. Nice fit in the heel despite my narrow heel.I can't compare to other lasts yet as this was my maiden pair of C&J. Narrower than the 325 I tried on.
Thats definitely the one except dark brown looks like cigar in real life. Dark brown islike the bals I just copped.
Lol. I don't know the last off hand as I was only glancing at them in the store. Stock was low on all boots they had ther including stock models like the conniston. They looked a bit different than the BB one I think. A bit heavier set. Sole was leather for sure. This is the flagship jermyn st store not the smaller jermyn st store. The one closer to water stones and Piccadilly.
Surprised fritzl hasn't posted but one key question: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
^^ no I'm only talking about boots. They have 2 models of cordo cap toe boots.
The bit you stick your foot into
Yeah two cap toes (no brogueing). One black and one in this sweet cigar colour. Beyond my budget sadly at ~£500. Instead I'm going to see Richard the Shoehealer today in Doncaster to see what other goodies I can pick up.
^^ haters gonna hate... The store had some of this model left and a couple of cordo cap toes as well if you want to give them a bell. The bals are on the 363 last and were literally flying out the door. I beat someone to my pair by thirty seconds in store. Surprisingly young clientele on jermyn st too!
Cross-posted from WAYWRN Boot edition. Crockett and Jones Somerville.
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