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They're garbage and overpriced.
I wouldn't worry; they're very much alive and in business; I was there in Ross a couple of weeks ago to review an order I had put in which needed some altering. Most of their tailors go on vacation for one or two weeks in August so they have a backlog during this time. Peter and Michele might also be on vacation right now, I'm not sure. I'm still waiting on an e-mail. But I wouldn't worry too much.
Somewhat sadly, I'll be leaving Europe to return to Canada. I need a pair of shoes and fancy some AE McAllisters. Unfortunately, duties being as they are, this is a huge pain. Now I know AEs are made in the US and so should be duty free, but what's the best place to be going about ordering some? I'm considering just ordering from AE's own website, but is there a better way?
Have a look through this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=162498 I think the conclusion, though, was that Toronto is a bit of a sartorial vacuum and, from what I remember of my hometown, this is most likely true.
Have you looked at Bookster yet? www.tweed-jacket.com They do very slim cut tweed for a very reasonable price. Also a possibility is the Cad and the Dandy, though, most of their tweed selection, iirc, is in their offices rather than online.
I bought shirts there when I was a teenager like the dragon print ones. By teenager, I meant when I was 13. They looked terrible even then, but since I was 13, I didn't care. If you aren't 13, you shouldn't shop there.
I have noticed that in Vienna, probably over half the men wearing jackets/suits in this city have a pocket square. Strangely enough, they're bloody expensive in this city as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by rfranca Yep, that's what I wanted to know too... shoe looks good and price is nice So, Barker = Anniversary Loake = 1880 Alfred Sargent = Premier Grenson looks nice too (at pediwear) is it easy the spot the collection looking at the shoes? Yes, for the Loakes, the collection name is written inside the shoe.
They look like Bentons
Bow ties at your own wedding are always okay and are, of course, the only correct option with Black Tie.
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