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Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI How'd we go from buying good shoes to discussing the importing of AE's? Yes, getting back on track, I was in the PATH in Toronto the other day near BB and there was a small menswear store that said they were getting some EGs in for the fall. Presumably, they'll be more expensive than Jermyn St, but at least you'd get to try them on in person and see them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington Does anyone know if they really slap duties on AE shoes even if they're made in the US? I'm thinking of ordering some AEs on EBay but I don't want to pay for duties. I'll accept the taxes, but that's it damnit! I didn't get hit on duties but ymmv
If you want a suede and aren't in the Uk, the Pimlico's are actually still #125 at Pediwear.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry If the seller uses Royal Mail, after the status at the Royal Mail shipping indicates that the item 'has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in CANADA', you can enter the tracking # in the Canada Post site to continue tracking the package. You can also call Canada Post and ask them to fast-track it through custom - they are surprisingly pretty good in customer service. As for Brooks Brothers...
I had them measure me in person, although, I didn't give them a pair of trousers to copy the pattern from, so they used their own. If you're new to ordering tweed trousers, be warned that the thickness of the fabric has a bit of an impact upon their fit in the waist. I ordered a 30 waist because I like my trousers baggy in the Skye fabric. (I'm really a 28) and the trousers ended up fitting perfectly rather than baggy which was fine, but just remember to leave a little...
I think it's been an across the board rise. Pediwear, shoehealer, and herring shoes all have them at roughly the same price. When I looked a month ago, though, in London, they were retailing for about £140-150.
I just moved back to Toronto a month ago from the UK for the first time since my adolescence. The shoe situation here is ridiculous. Really, I didn't expect London standards, but the standards of dress are just awful. I've bought a pair of Chukka boots from Pediwear for the winter and they should be arriving soon. I'm contemplating some Trickers as well for when the snow starts. Pediwear uses Royal Mail and/or Parcelforce so except little duty. I have to say...
As a fellow (new) Torontonian, I have to say, it's not that cold here right now.
They're garbage and overpriced.
I wouldn't worry; they're very much alive and in business; I was there in Ross a couple of weeks ago to review an order I had put in which needed some altering. Most of their tailors go on vacation for one or two weeks in August so they have a backlog during this time. Peter and Michele might also be on vacation right now, I'm not sure. I'm still waiting on an e-mail. But I wouldn't worry too much.
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