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Was going to say get some shoes, but since you live in NYC you can get all that stuff anyway.
My best shoe advice in order: 1. Buy what you can try on. 2. Buy what you can afford. 3. Buy what you want.
Hey Pimpin' ain't easy.
Hey what's the difference between this one and the is lay?
Crap I want these
Yes, they're quite good. They also have stock Alden parts like the Foot Balance Heel and the Alden Commando sole.
Shouldn't be high brokerage fees if Canada Post delivers. If there's duty, contest it.That said, if you 're in Toronto, Nomad on Queen West had Indys last time I was there.
Sounds like you're with UPS. They have insane brokerage fees. You're probably also paying HST
So jealous...
+1They look like c and j to me
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