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Last I checked, Moulded Shoe has the Natural Chromxcel in stock.
These are the Alden Indy 401s. Trubalance last, regular black calf with white contrast stiching, black neoprene sole. Fairly common in store model. I think the Black and Tan epaulet model did not have contrast stitching and had a different colour welt.
I have the 405 and think sometimes I should have gotten the 403. The clear answer is to buy both. lol
Fairly certain Leather Soul does their eatons on the 4497.
Pretty sure he's just doing another run of Coffee Eatons.
I'm not sure I can afford to go in on this Navy Eaton, but a design suggestion: Navy Eaton, brass eyelets, *red* dainite sole, red pull tab, red calf lining, 4444 last?
Lightning fast shipping.
Occasionally my shoes do that because of the way I walk. I often find myself tripping over something toe first and being a fast walker, that part of the sole inevitably takes a bit of damage. It is easily fixed.
New Posts  All Forums: