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Pair with navy chinos for great success.
You'll need a size 10UK or possibly a 9.5UK. I full size down but ymmv
It looks like the Bourton whch would make it 4444 last. Some half size and some full size down
Do my eyes deceive me or did you change the sole on the burgundy galosh boots to red dainite?
Nice. Mine is coming in two weeks!Wish more stuff was on the 325 last. Such a great last.
Southern style: You can never have a suit that is too shiny. Black and silver is the SK can wear it anywhere and be "stylish" and not out of place.
I still wish I had had my Indy boots when I went to university.
No. When I bought mine, they had half the gap you did and even with the speed hooks, I can't close the gap a year later.
The Paris shop had more balmoral models than Jermyn St when I was there in December. Might want to call them up and ask 'Parlez vous Anglais?'
Aldens love flush toe taps.
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