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Summary so far: Black Scotch grain longwing shoe 4444 last? Natural barbour welt Red lining Commando/dainite sole? Interest: Fitting 5: Marcl Oven1969 Mchigan planner Knucks Fitting 6: Badeggcat Magdaddy Once there's at least six, I'll contact Richard and give youu guys the deets on how to pay him. For those of you in fitting 6, have you tried on the 4444 last? It is pretty large even by wide last standards.
New acquisition: C&J Snowdon
Some have proposed anther run of a Trickers longwing shoe. Any suggestions as to colour and style?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/241668/trickers-mto-forum-group-buy/500_100#post_5412373 This is the tread for Trickers MTO group bys. You'll get more results.
Email him; he has a lot of non-website stock and yes, 6 people can get you a group buy. Check e oer thread. I can organise it if Robin isn't able to.
Yeah I mean I jave to admit, the look doesn't bother me. I have at least one pair of boots that looks like this because of laziness, but if it bothers you, it's easy to get rid of with eough buffing
I agree; too much wax and not enough brushing
Pair with navy chinos for great success.
You'll need a size 10UK or possibly a 9.5UK. I full size down but ymmv
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