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New acquisition: C&J Snowdon
Some have proposed anther run of a Trickers longwing shoe. Any suggestions as to colour and style?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/241668/trickers-mto-forum-group-buy/500_100#post_5412373 This is the tread for Trickers MTO group bys. You'll get more results.
Email him; he has a lot of non-website stock and yes, 6 people can get you a group buy. Check e oer thread. I can organise it if Robin isn't able to.
Yeah I mean I jave to admit, the look doesn't bother me. I have at least one pair of boots that looks like this because of laziness, but if it bothers you, it's easy to get rid of with eough buffing
I agree; too much wax and not enough brushing
Pair with navy chinos for great success.
You'll need a size 10UK or possibly a 9.5UK. I full size down but ymmv
It looks like the Bourton whch would make it 4444 last. Some half size and some full size down
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