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Any idea on how these boots fit at all?
Thanks to Namor and zippy for helping, but I ended up not copping anything. I do want to do a group order on a snuff suede boot in the New year, though, so hopefully that will get enough interest later.
Only someone with a huge foot would have a TTS 4444 last (or think that is their size since they only own shoes in that size). People who step on a Brannock or similar device in the UK size down for the 4444 last.
Just a note: those Tres Bien Indy's are on a Barrie last in an E fitting; I just e-mailed Tres Bien as to their ambiguous description of them. I was hoping to pick up their Snuff Suede indys but no luck
Keycode doesn't work anymore. I am but my wallet is
Not new, but Pediwear's site does says they're going to be getting their new collabs in at the end of Nov.
My cart is showing 400...which code are you using?
I'm trying to hold off on those too. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have not bought those.
No it is Mahogany. This is Mogano:
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