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Jumper boots are trubalance
Probably 6.5 D or E. I find my 9.5d barries bigger than my 10d leydons
I could go for this in 4497 last without green tongue but with green pull tab.
(triple post)
(double post)
Well, in my opinion, if we're going to go for a two toned boot, then I'd prefer it was something a little more conservative. I was thinking something along the lines of the spectator boot that Norse Store did a while back (shown below) except instead of canvas, white suede and a dainite or leather sole. If the group on the other hand, wants to go with something a bit more radical, then I'll wait for the next one. [img]
I was thinking of a snuff suede galosh boot with dainite sole and natural welt. I'm not one for a three toned boot, though.
I second the Shoehealer. Richard is the best to work with
men's gaga is ballin' out of control! NAMOR: Unionmade seems to have those loden green indy's that you wanted, I think.
Alden of carmel will as well as moulded shoe. There was a thread on this a few days ago.
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