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Keycode doesn't work anymore. I am but my wallet is
Not new, but Pediwear's site does says they're going to be getting their new collabs in at the end of Nov.
My cart is showing 400...which code are you using?
I'm trying to hold off on those too. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have not bought those.
No it is Mahogany. This is Mogano:
Now you have.
I graduated from the LSE four years ago. The students there wear what the students everywhere wear. No one will be wearing a suit in your classes except maybe the professor. Jeans are fine anywhere you're likely to go. Grab some Alden indys (or substitute Trickers), some nice jeans, a shirt with buttons and you'll be at the top tier of dressing anywhere in London, I assure you.
No hassles either way. I sent them in as "boots for repair" and they came back with "boots repaired." Canada Customs doesn't charge for such services.
They cost me $80 including $30 for shipping to Canada which Americans I don't think pay. A bit of a pain, but considering the supposed best cobbler in Toronto got edge dressing on a pair of tan boots and told me it was burnishing, I'll take the $30 fee to send them to NYC. I had worn the toes almost down to the welt, so the sole had to be built up first.
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