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I could go for this in 4497 last without green tongue but with green pull tab.
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Well, in my opinion, if we're going to go for a two toned boot, then I'd prefer it was something a little more conservative. I was thinking something along the lines of the spectator boot that Norse Store did a while back (shown below) except instead of canvas, white suede and a dainite or leather sole. If the group on the other hand, wants to go with something a bit more radical, then I'll wait for the next one. [img]
I was thinking of a snuff suede galosh boot with dainite sole and natural welt. I'm not one for a three toned boot, though.
I second the Shoehealer. Richard is the best to work with
men's gaga is ballin' out of control! NAMOR: Unionmade seems to have those loden green indy's that you wanted, I think.
Alden of carmel will as well as moulded shoe. There was a thread on this a few days ago.
I think he just meant that if you guys were going to go for a comipel that he wouldn't be in for that. I'm almost certain you'd all have to agree on the specs before a group order could go through.
Some full size up and some half size up. The Indy boots are tighter around the heel and instep than the 4444 last and all around narrower. I would imagine the instep is about the same as the 4497 last. Basically, if you find Trickers lasts roomy, full size up, if they fit perfect, half size up.Also, man, I never get lucky with retricker. I never seen anything in my size that I want and stuff that is in my size is generally meh.
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