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The bit you stick your foot into
Yeah two cap toes (no brogueing). One black and one in this sweet cigar colour. Beyond my budget sadly at ~£500. Instead I'm going to see Richard the Shoehealer today in Doncaster to see what other goodies I can pick up.
^^ haters gonna hate... The store had some of this model left and a couple of cordo cap toes as well if you want to give them a bell. The bals are on the 363 last and were literally flying out the door. I beat someone to my pair by thirty seconds in store. Surprisingly young clientele on jermyn st too!
Cross-posted from WAYWRN Boot edition. Crockett and Jones Somerville.
Crockett and Jones Somerville. I got one of the last sizes in the C&J London flagship store. Apologies for the crappy iPad photo.
He is quite amenable to this. Our burgundy lwb is basically his design as well except we have a suede tongue and commando soles for winter.
My guess is that the pricing was set a year ago when the order first came through. LS has said their Alsen wait times are ridiculously long.
I think the confusion here is caused by the fact that Alden has two types of perf toes: The Jumpers which are on the trubalance And various other perf toe boots (like th e Alpine perf toe) which are barrie. Brown chromxcel jumpers (ultimates) are the trubalance last for sure.
You sure about this? I pre-ordered the Brown Chromxcel Jumpers from LS and I'm pretty sure they said it was Trubalance. Barrie doesn't fit me that well which is why I went with these...
Really? They're not these ones?
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