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I got a nice bespoke suit from Cad and the Dandy for 800 pounds for my wedding last year. They started at about 150 lower, depending on the cloth.
For a proper resole, that's about par for the course, particularly in London. It's the same pretty much everywhere in Europe.
I had an MTO made in that last and the 6 fitting. It is enormous and fits wider than I thought. 4444 last in fitting 5 is perfect for me.
That happened to a pair of brand new AS; didn't even get to try them on; the top one just popped off. Get it warrantied.
Natural wear and tear that can be fixed with edge dressing. No worries.
:embar:I took a pair of C&Js to the cordonnerie on Boulevard des Marechaux on the south side just by the tram stop Jean Jaures (when walking west) at the advice of a French styleforum. Pascal Carno put in flush metal toe taps for 10 euro and they were bloody great. No English, though. I'm pretty sure he also makes bespoke shoes. Edit: This is a thread about him from that forum. Edit...
I'd say, if you're going to go for the Vass (and I think you should...I don't wear my Loakes that much since I got into Trickers and Alden), try them on for a long time in the store. Try a bunch of different lasts (that means you'll be trying on styles you might not necessarily like just to get an idea of how different lasts fit you. It may be that the Oxblood Derby fits less well than the Oxblood Oxford, in which case, you should go for the Oxford, for example.
Do it. They always look awesome whenever I see them in person. Still waiting for one on 4444 last.
Great Indys. How do these wear? Are they softer like Chromexcel or just as rigid as the 405s?
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