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Sorry I have been away from the forum for sometime due to extended travel.Anyway, I went back and reviewed what I sent to Richard. I sent him a direct copy and paste of the message that I sent to everyone confirming the details of the shoe you guys wanted. I did not actually order one, so I [edit] sent the specifications that Richard sent me to everyone who was in the private message with me before anyone paid.Sincere apologies however if any one is disappointed.
Te bureau used to have some stubby stows. Dunno if they still do.
+1. I have this problem and steel taps make them go away. If you're in America, Nick does good work.
Those are his yard boots.
Richard has said that as soon as the orders are confirmed that it will go ahead. If, however, you have not yet expressed interest, don't worry, because the order will be OPEN for another couple of months until the final confirmation with the factory later in July. So if you're on the fence there is still time to get in on this, however, for e purpose of actuallu gettng the order throughh, un,ess there is overwhelming dissent, I think we should consider the style and...
Okay this group order is definitely going ahead for those who want a fitting 5.. The deadline to register interest is tonight US time as I,m going to send the details off to Richard tomorrow morning early European time. Those who register interest will receive PMs tomorrow detailing where to send your shoe size, details, £100 deposit tomorrow early morning as well. Below, we have the basically final summary since there have been no objections Summary Black Scotch...
Any objections to the design? Any objections to a dainite sole? Anyone else want in?
Summary Black Scotch grain / black calf shoe 4444 last Natural barbour welt Red lining Commando/dainite sole? Interest: Fitting 5: Feji Mchigan Slonukhi58 Oven 1969 Fitting 6: Badeggcat Magdaddy Knucks
Still slots open for names for both fitting 5 and we need 3 more people for Fitting 6 to go ahead.
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