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Since September. Waxy leather broke in mostly smoothly and the gumlite sole is ridiculously lightweight.
I haven't noticed that at all. They are super low maintenance boots and don't show scuffs as much as my smooth calf boots. I don't work on a farm, but they are much rougher boots than the others. I'd go for it.
Try Richard the Shoe Healer.
Trickers makes longwing boots, but Alden doesn't. At least I've never ever seen one either.
Agreed. I am 9.5d in Trubalance, 10d in Leydon and 10d in Plaza is too narrow for my feet so definitely go with half size from Trubalance/Modified last.
tbh, if you switched the laces out of the Coggles one you'd probably save yourself a ton of dough if you're going for the red, white, and blue look.
Time for some spring cleaning. All boots are 4-5 years old and have been thoroughly worn. The Trickers, imo, have aged the best. Right to left: Cheaney Burgundy Pennine II, Trickers Eaton Coffee, Loake Bedale Tan
I got a nice bespoke suit from Cad and the Dandy for 800 pounds for my wedding last year. They started at about 150 lower, depending on the cloth.
For a proper resole, that's about par for the course, particularly in London. It's the same pretty much everywhere in Europe.
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