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Code lasts until 11/26. FYI - big shout out to Yoox. I purchased an item earlier this month and its still within the return policy. Customer reps gladly refunded difference of the new price cut. There was a slight hiccup to the promotion code, but a manager worked it out. Saved ~$150 on the price difference.
Received an email that my orders are being shipped tomorrow, but they all originated from the Italian warehouse pre-Sandy. If their warehouse really did get damaged, that sucks!
Just got the email, extra 15% off w/free shipping on all fall-winter items, no code needed.
Just hung up with customer service, and am rather disappointed given that I shop there quite frequently. I wouldn't be fussing over a few dollars... if this wasn't a big ticket item that is the last of its kind, but we are talking close to $100 w/ the 10% off. I really don't understand the logic that Yoox has for its discount scheme. Majority of the items are the same across every region, and if I'm not mistaken it is actually the exact same inventory. So my question how...
Annoying, sale didn't move the item I want to purchase much. If I had a code I'd buy it instantly...
Any active yoox codes? I want to pull the trigger on something but it's a rather large purchase
Pretty much anything from: esp the nyc line!
Purchased two Brioni cashmere sweaters due to an advertising mistake and Mr. Porter honored it, simply awesome customer service.
Price drop .
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