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I think Barney's has been upgrading free expedited shipping on all orders in past day or two hoping people receive by Christmas. They did it on my order on 12/18 and 12/20. Nice of them!
It's the Weymouth, got it at the Barney's sale.,default,sc.html#,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=Crockett%20%26%20Jones I've been starting a whisky bunker as a hobby and also as an investment. I'm pretty sure master of malt is inflated, but PE does hold its value over time. Got lucky and found a place that gets some of the rarer releases and gives me first dibs, have a 12th release coming in this...
And my other hauls what luck this year, more on the way!
Grey Wool Cucinelli SC from SF Brown Wool/Cashmere Cucinelli SC from SS Cucinelli Fair Isle Sweater from SS Cucinelli Fair Isle Turtleneck from SS Cucinelli Turtleneck Cucinelli Hoodie Cucinelli Jeans from SS Cucinelli Pants x2 from SS Corneliani SC/Jacket Borrelli Raincoat Hackett Gilet Hackett Weekend Bag C&J Weymouth Sunspel Crewneck Sunspel Vneck x2 I think I went over budget
Someone please buy so I can't
BC sale wasn't bad stopped by last 30 min, picked up sweater for 250, pants 100, blazer 600. Was 80% off even til the end.
Has anyone hit up the Brunello Cucinelli overstock sale in NYC?
If there is more than one of the blazer left when it goes on sale, you can price match and be refunded.
Anyone know if the TF in Beverly Hills is putting on a sale as well?
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