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MTO, wouldn't see why you couldn't
Just found some Caol Ila 14 Unpeated 2012 release, if anyone wants details pm me, been looking all over for this and thought I'd share the wealth!
FYI, all MTO before VAT & Discount was quoted: Galway: £920 (~$940 after VAT/Discount) Walcot: £790 (~$810 after VAT/Discount) Banbury: £870 (~$890 after VAT/Discount)
not sure, he said he would get back to me about pricing on Monday (UK time)
unsure, but don't see why they wouldn't if they would for E&G! shoot mark an email
Confirmed, you can use discount on MTO shoes, so essentially... I guess you can request any style/size if you are willing to wait.
Typical "D" translates to EG "E" correct?
Hmm, was quoted 3-4 months for certain styles as they are MTO, unsure if these are included in the promotion... will let you guys know when I hear back!
anyone know if there is a newer catalogue? http://issuu.com/edwardgreen/docs/eg_aw11#download
apparently they may be able to get other stock even w/ sale... don't hate me
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