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Not a high end item by any means, but I'm pretty pleased with the cashmere sweater I just picked up from the new Uniqlo site: I love how reasonable their prices are for casual gear!
I would say walnut Strands and black Park Avenues are a good place to start. Think about getting a dark brown shoe next, maybe something like a monk strap (the new Neumora is a good looking shoe) to add another wrinkle to your shoe rotation.
Both jackets seem quite short. You don't necessarily need to size up in the chest size and shoulders, which look really good. But you're a tall guy, are you putting on a Regular? Try a Long if they have them.
Well, it's an extremely modern look, much more so than the conventional wisdom around these parts. I'm fine with the fashion forward thing, actually, but I think this is a bit too extreme in that: 1) The jacket length is very short. Jackets are getting shorter nowadays, as is the trend, but the classic length for a jacket was one that would cover your butt. An inch or two short might be OK, but based on the photos it looks like your jacket is about halfway down, so it...
Maybe try using a half-windsor knot instead? I know it's not the standard knot for a casual tie like a knit but it actually doesn't produce a very bulky knot if you cinch it tightly to start, and it takes up a bit more fabric than the four-in-hand and produces a shorter back blade.
I'm a 9D and got an 8.5UK and it fit well, for what it's worth, but that was also their recommendation based on foot measurements. Take your measurements and line them up against a foot size chart online -- are you a true 9D? Maybe you're a tweener between 8.5 and 9, so they're making a judgment call.
Sorry if this is a really silly question, but I'm wondering what happens to the extra material when an item like a suit/sport coat is shortened (I know, I know, not supposed to do it!) or when an overcoat is shortened. Does the tailor just give you the cut off extra fabric (perhaps it would be worth keeping in case the main piece needed mending in a few years?)? Is that material actually folded into the lining of the coat, the way the hem on trousers is? (Seems...
Obviously not everyone here can afford to trick themselves out in bespoke Gaziano & Girling or $5,000 suits every day. I'm intrigued as to members' take on what the gold standard for any given clothing item is, and then what they consider the best bargain. For instance, among shoes, the gold standard seems to be John Lobb (or G & G, or Vass): Considering that ready-to-wear Lobbs cost $1,200, I don't foresee myself owning Lobbs at any point in the near future. The best...
While I think some of the stuff they advertise in GQ is definitely a little ridiculous, it pays to invest in a good wardrobe, particularly given how long good clothing lasts when you take care of it. Overall, I'd say: Casual shirts - You can find good stuff for around $60-70 (polos, sport shirts, etc. from Kent Wang or Brooks Brothers) Dress shirts - $75 is pretty standard, and is the price of Brooks Brothers shirts when they're on sale for 30% off during one of the...
Just picked up a pair of black oxfords from the benchgrade collection. They are beautiful, high-quality shoes so far -- I'm glad I picked them up!
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