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Depends on your standards for what "good fitting" is. If you can get an off-the-rack suit, bring it to a tailor, and be satisfied with the fit, then surely a MTM suit will be a step up from that, no? Not everyone (in fact, very few) can afford true bespoke, nor is a plane ticket to China or Hong Kong exactly a cheap flight, so let's try to give helpful advice within the implied budget of the project.To the OP, I'd say: In terms of what to ask, I'd ask what level of...
Haha seeing that was such a shock to me. Maybe it reflects that fact that most of my sartorial knowledge comes from here, and Styleforum is very good at recommending the micros or custom makers who would not compromise on material quality while offering a much more reasonable price. But I still always assumed that the huge brand names produced similar quality just at an inflated price -- not a synthetic material-based product going for $2.7k+. Does Burberry seriously not make their overcoats out of 100% wool? 30% Polyster/13% Nylon seems pretty ridiculous when you're shelling out $2,700 on an overcoat.
The answer to this might actually be "no." Not saying there are none, just saying you aren't going to find that many OTR suits with this kind of fitting. I would just grab a drop-7 suit and then get the waist taken in and the legs slimmed.
The double breasted look with the wide lapel might work IF the coat fits perfectly, but otherwise it could look bulky and odd. Honestly if you have the funds to go for a coat like the Brioni, why wouldn't you just do that? (Not sure if you were just using the Brioni as a generic example, not as your alternative buy.)
Hey, anyone have any idea what the brand "Abito" is on Gilt? I've googled them and haven't found anything. It sounds like they are basically a brand Gilt made up, not an independent clothing producer, but I'm wondering if anyone has more knowledge.
Hideous, but it's far from the only ugly thing Prada makes. Amirite?
The length looks just right to me, not too long at all. The collar does seem a little off with the lapels but as you want to wear a spread collar that might alleviate the problem. Overall looks pretty good!
I've gotten my first pair from the Classic Collection (black captoe oxfords) and I'm pretty impressed overall. I'm by no means a shoe expert but I cannot discern a clear difference between these and Allen Edmonds, of which I have several pairs. Of course, the true test will come years down the line when I can really tell how long these have lasted and how they hold up to resoling. I would recommend these shoes to anyone given the price range they occupy. They are great...
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