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For me I placed an order on Nov. 16, got the message on Nov. 29 to pay via Paypal, did so . . . and now, 10 days later, still haven't heard from them with a tracking number. Maybe the shoes are on their way, or maybe they're still in Spain. But hey, I got a pair a few months back and I really like them, and don't need these urgently, so I'm alright with it. Definitely don't order if you need shoes right away!
Re: bags, I've seen Henry Tomkins in the UK recommended in other threads, and his prices are really reasonable given we're talking hand-made bags from a one-man shop. They go about 200 pounds for the basic briefcase with shoulder strap, which is a similar price to the one you linked ($300). They have more British styling, or at least what I associate with British styling (clasp lock, fewer straps and buckles across the front, very unlike Custom Hide, Saddleback Leather,...
Those pocket squares are ridiculously awesome. I think I just figured out where I'm blowing that $150 credit from UrbanDaddy.
Wow, this is actually a pretty great deal. I'm hoping the cedar hangers are well-made, but in any case it cost me about $80 to pick up 4 cedar hangers, 4 regular wood hangers, and 2 tie hangers with that code. Unfortunately the free shipping did not work on the low order amount ($60 pre-tax and shipping), but $11 shipping for 10 heavy wooden items is a-OK in my book. Thanks for the heads up!
Really like the look overall. The pants and jacket are a smidge too close in color for my tastes but it's hard to tell whether that's the light and the photo quality. Are they a lighter gray than the jacket or are they actually an olive/taupe color?
Just saw Kent's watch featured on the watch blog Hodinkee. It's a fairly complimentary profile and a rare one for Hodinkee (to my knowledge, this is the first watch they've talked about that is under $1,000 . . . at least in the year or so I've been reading). Congrats, Kent!
Hey, I'm in the same boat, lawyer looking for a good briefcase. I'm searched this site and there seems to be rather sparse advice on this matter (other than: get a Swaine Adeney). One maker I've seen recommended here and who works at a very reasonable price point is Henry Tomkins Leather in the UK. Far under the $1k budget but a bag made of genuine vegetable tanned leather -- I think it's going to be my first briefcase buy.
Suit jacket or blazer + jeans = business attire? Let's not go crazy here.
What is 3"? Is that standard nowadays or is that even considered wide given how far the trend went to extremely skinny (e.g., 2") lapels? I'd say 3-3.5" is the sweet spot for suits.
May be worth hemming the pants up an inch or so, depending on the type of break you want (no break seems to be the current fashion). Otherwise well-done, it's a good fitting suit!
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