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Any word on when the new star chart pocket square is arriving?
More interested in seeing what they look like now, after a year of wear. How are they holding up?
Regarding the earlier advice, I will say that Howard Yount's trousers are NOT cut as slim as Incotex, so I'm not sure I'd recommend that to the poster. I actually think one should find a pair of pants that fit through the legs (perhaps dropping down to EU46/US30 in Incotex) and then getting the waist let out to your waist measurement would be the best call. Getting legs slimmed is a lot more expensive and a harder operation than getting the waist let out, and most pants...
Regarding Meermin's recent service, particularly after their opening of a true e-shopping site, I have to agree. I ordered shoes in early November, received the payment invoice at the end of November (which they claimed would come when the shoes were ready to ship). I paid immediately and then waited for 2.5 weeks with no word. Finally got a tracking number and the package was shipped out in late December, and will finally arrive in the next day or so. They do seem...
Alright guys, maybe I'm just putting this on the market because I'm feeling the after-effects of too much holiday shopping, but I'm letting go a sport coat that I purchased off of these forums three years ago. It's a gorgeous piece, a Brioni navy houndstooth pattern sport coat with working (surgeon's) cuffs and double vents in the back. Measurements are a little unusual, which is why I've ultimately decided to sell. It probably works best for a 36 or 38S, slim guy with...
What you want is a Grand Seiko GMT. Great travel watch because of the GMT function, but it's not instantly recognizable as a pricey watch. Grand Seikos, however, are some of the finest watches out there, built to exacting specifications, with movements more accurate than COSC chronometer-grade and amazing specs (72 hr power reserve, a full day longer than most automatic watches).
For classic collection I think it's about $20 a pair in the US. Does it really go up as high as $60? I guess that would be for an MTO or something?
Pretty sure it's random -- I paid $17 duty on a pair of classics.
Not sure what "tru balance" is, but from most Allen Edmonds lasts (in which I'm a 9D) I went down 0.5 to 8.5UK and it was perfect. Hiro last, black captoe oxfords from the classic collection.
Just used the UD code on the Notre Dame & Lindisfarne Gospels pocket squares (not a religious guy, just thought they were the designs that would be most interesting to pair with my existing sport coats + ties). Can't wait for the second star chart square to come out! Seems like an extravagant purchase at full price, but I'm figuratively sitting here with my finger on the trigger.
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