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Yeah I would strongly advise the OP to get a pair of black shoes. While the SF dominant view seems to be that brown is the best for suits, I also think most would acknowledge that at least one pair (or even two) of black shoes is an essential component to a business shoe wardrobe.
Amazing! Just ordered the new star chart pocket square, I can definitely see this one quickly becoming the favorite in my collection.
Unfortunately not a city dweller so not sure. Best of luck!
10mm is really a pretty reasonable height for a dress watch. I have a JLC that's 39 mm x 10.9 mm tall and it fits perfectly under a shirt cuff.
Double monk strap seems like a good pick. Although the mainstream style world has just caught on to them in the last year or so, they've been a style forum favorite for years.
3.5" ties work with 3" lapels, I'd be surprised if 2.5" ties didn't. 3" is a very versatile lapel width and tends to accomodate a fairly wide range of tie types. It's when one wears truly skinny lapels (or really broad ones) that a discrepancy is more noticeable.
I would recommend Frederique Constant. A relatively young brand but with tons of promise and a classical eye for design. The FC-710 has an in-house movement that's simply stunning and at a really reasonable price (~$2-2.5k). It is not exactly what you asked for in one respect -- case size. It's 42mm rather than 40. If you'd prefer more classically sized, I think the FC-303 comes in 38 or 40mm sizes and are also considerably less expensive (
Henry Tomkins Briefcase Lite -- had it for a week and love it. This is by far the best leather bag I've ever owned in my life and at a very reasonable price compared to the alternatives.
Just wondering what do you guys plan to do when it comes time to re-sole your Meermin shoes (for those customers in the US in particular)? I have a few pairs and really like them a lot (Classico, not LM). I'm wondering when the time comes, do I sent them all the way back to Spain for the service? It strikes me that no cobblers in the US have Meermin's last shapes, so how could they re-sole the shoe? Apologies if this is a dumb question and any cobbler can do the job, I...
Shouldn't take that long although it takes a while. I paid in late November, shoes shipped like 16 days later, then they arrived in the states and ran into some customs trouble and got to me about 2 weeks after that.
New Posts  All Forums: