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I concur with navy. I think purple might make for an interesting one as well and perhaps a light blue for a spring or summer wedding. Gray is pretty versatile and I think it'll work with most tie colors other than perhaps a strong red.
Rise is just outseam minus inseam so yeah that would do it.
I suspect in the end you will have to get suits or sport coats made to measure to fit your frame, as you appear very skinny. The jacket is too big for your shoulders but buttons really strangely around your waist (especially noticeable in the 2nd picture). The jacket is too tight in the waist as seen by the pulling at the button. Essentially I think you would need to go a size up to fit well in the waist area but then the shoulder problem would only be exacerbated. You...
Well it's definitely at least six. My understanding is that an Italian "seven" fold is often more properly called a lined six fold, which seems to be what you have there.
The Glashutte Original Panomatic Lunar is a stunning watch and has a design that's now a signature of the two most famed German watchmakers (GO and A. Lange & Sohne): For what it's worth, I own the JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon 39 and cannot think of a better dress watch on the market today. It is a gorgeous, heart-stopping watch, and I love seeing it on my wrist as much today as I did when I purchased it nine months ago.
No. I will wear a mechanical watch and just keep my iPhone where it belongs, in my pocket. That, or get a pair of Google glasses.
Very nice.
This is a little bizarre. What about Dufour's Simplicity line? What about Daniels's one-time disciple Roger Smith? They are one-man shops that do handmade watches.
Probably the most expensive I've gotten are two Panta ties for around $120, but considering they are unlined six-folds made of perfect silk, I am very happy with them. The average tie is probably around $60-70 or so, although I'll go down to around $20 or so for a J. Crew now and then.
Purchased this pocket square along with a few others two months back when it first came out, but haven't had a chance to wear it yet so this is NWOT (the squares do not come with any sort of attached tag). Kent does some really amazing work, and these are by far the nicest pocket squares I have, with such beautiful, unique designs. It's the same square depicted here, currently backordered through the end of March. You can have one now for $45 shipped...
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