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Last year I saw the RLBL's for 30 percent off during late May-early June, although I forget precisely when. They were still over $1k, though, so I'm not sure it's worth it vs. MTM services like Suit Supply or Kent Wang.
I would treat them as solids for mixing and matching purposes.
Glenlivet 15Y -- not blowing my mind but very solid. Getting a bottle of Ardbeg in a week or so.
How soon do you need them? If these are long term purchases and you can afford to wait a while, then the best option would probably be to do a quasi-MTM operation like Kent Wang (a forum affiliate). I'm getting my first KW suit next week. The basic process is: he sends you a trial suit in the size that seems closest to your proportions, you send back pictures and decide on alterations on the measurements (with a lot of alterations possible, including sleeve width/rotation,...
I think Glashutte makes some of the finest watches in the world and are of the same caliber as Jaeger-LeCoultre, so I'd vote for them. Ulysse Nardin's, and Cartier's, aesthetics are lacking to me.
My guess would be 10.5 on the New Rey, which is a very slim last and usually requires a half size up (but they use UK sizing which means a regular last like the Hiro will use half a size down). FYI if you email them a sketch of your foot they will recommend a size for you.
I've worn this tie a handful of times but have realized I prefer ties of a slightly smaller width so I'm letting it go. It measure 3 5/8" in width and approximately 60" in length. Self-keeper, and all around made of a wonderful, heavy silk that ties a great knot.
Letting go a pair of Mabitex trousers that I no longer wear. These are very slim fitting pants (see measurements). They have some visible sweat stains on the pockets but a dry cleaning will take those out no problem. Waist: 32" + 0.5" to let out Rise: 8.7" Inseam: 29.5" Leg Opening: 7.8"
I concur with navy. I think purple might make for an interesting one as well and perhaps a light blue for a spring or summer wedding. Gray is pretty versatile and I think it'll work with most tie colors other than perhaps a strong red.
Rise is just outseam minus inseam so yeah that would do it.
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