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Ralph Lauren has a ton, and I really like them.
Based on price, this seems like Isaia's version of Z Zegna, then -- probably fused, half-canvas at best. But I think no one has info b/c this is brand new, even Google doesn't turn anything up on it. I think I'll pass for now. If the retail on these is really 1200, 600 will be easy enough to get later down the line.
Birnbach's writing a sequel too. True Prep.
Blue shirt in the winter, light-colored linen in the spring/summer. It can definitely work. What pattern are you contemplating? I have to assume you mean patterned, I think solid forest green would look somewhat unusual...the only solid green jackets I've ever seen are at the Masters.
Yeah, in NYC, that's perfectly fine. The key is developing a consistent aesthetic though. Obviously, if you're normally wearing t-shirts and shorts, you'll look like you're going "formal" with the blazer. If you're consistently button-down oxford with blazer or odd jacket, then that'll play just fine too, and soon people will realize that's your standard look.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Anything Alfani... Ah yeah, I can echo this. I have a sport coat and a pair of slacks which look pretty terrible now after only 2 washes, they've picked up color from other clothing and are already wearing down.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=104751 Haha whoops, this is what happens when people title threads differently and mean the same thing, I guess.
I've done a lot of wardrobe renovation over the last few months after reading more SF and learning a bit. Now in retrospect I'm kicking myself for purchasing a Hugo Red suit during a very small sale in December for like $700+. It's a perfectly good-fitting suit, but the price + the fact that it's fused make me less than thrilled about the buy (I needed it for interviews, having just started law school this year). What would you guys say was your all-time worst buy?
Quote: Originally Posted by runner-guy Hey fellas. I recently purchased a tailored fit oxford from Land's End. I ordered a 33 sleeve length and I normally wear a 32/33 sleeve in dress shirts. I was thinking a 32 length would be too short. What do you guys think of the sleeve length of this shirt? Thanks. http://yfrog.com/20img5580vj http://yfrog.com/fvimg5579j Looks fine to me in terms of length. How much cuff do you like showing when...
Tie bars -- wear them horizontal or at a diagonal angle? According to Flusser, tie bars go diagonally based on the rule that "nothing out to cross the body in a horizontal line" or something like that, but where the hell does he get that from? The vast majority of tie-bar photos I've seen just go straight horizontal.
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