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The cut of those suits is not particularly flattering, I'd actually suggest putting on a 36R and seeing what it looks like. 5'8"/5'9" is really the cutoff when you could go either regular or short and it's more a personal preference thing, and how long your torso is. Based on the pics, it seems like either works for you -- the basic rule is the jacket should cover your butt and no more, and I think the R doesn't look too long based on that rule. The S is a little on the...
Hot, I like it.
Common sense says No. I'm on the slim side of 38R sizing (38" chest, 30" waist) and love RLBL b/c of its slim-fit. But I still wear the 38R -- it is true to size in the chest, though with high armholes and good waist suppression. Its shoulders are also quite pronounced due to padding and are very aggressive. If you size up, I suspect that you will lose some of its signature slim look and end up with a suit with overbroad shoulders for your frame, and an average fit through...
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorial_marxist BB's quality beats all +1, though they have the tail, and the OP mentioned he didn't want that.
Ralph Lauren has a ton, and I really like them.
Based on price, this seems like Isaia's version of Z Zegna, then -- probably fused, half-canvas at best. But I think no one has info b/c this is brand new, even Google doesn't turn anything up on it. I think I'll pass for now. If the retail on these is really 1200, 600 will be easy enough to get later down the line.
Birnbach's writing a sequel too. True Prep.
Blue shirt in the winter, light-colored linen in the spring/summer. It can definitely work. What pattern are you contemplating? I have to assume you mean patterned, I think solid forest green would look somewhat unusual...the only solid green jackets I've ever seen are at the Masters.
Yeah, in NYC, that's perfectly fine. The key is developing a consistent aesthetic though. Obviously, if you're normally wearing t-shirts and shorts, you'll look like you're going "formal" with the blazer. If you're consistently button-down oxford with blazer or odd jacket, then that'll play just fine too, and soon people will realize that's your standard look.
New Posts  All Forums: