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Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie Some are nice, some are vomit. I only have 2: navy and seersucker. Well if you count my princeton beer jacket, 3. Sick. But our year had zippers, and I don't know if anything with a zipper can be classified with sport coats.
As many as you're willing to wear, right? I think I'm up to 8 or 9 now, and trying to build my collection to around a dozen.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnumonic I recently bought a pair of Bill's Khakis M2s, Plain front, and absolutely love the quality/fit - but as a 20 year old I'm pretty well stocked on the grandpa gear as it is (the majority of my wardrobe is Land's End/J Press/etc.) and was wondering if anyone had any sizing/fit advice for Bill's M3 model. The M2s I have are 34, but I had the tailor take them out about 3/4 of an inch for a good fit. I'm a 35 in Uniqlo and...
PM Sent.
The cut of those suits is not particularly flattering, I'd actually suggest putting on a 36R and seeing what it looks like. 5'8"/5'9" is really the cutoff when you could go either regular or short and it's more a personal preference thing, and how long your torso is. Based on the pics, it seems like either works for you -- the basic rule is the jacket should cover your butt and no more, and I think the R doesn't look too long based on that rule. The S is a little on the...
Hot, I like it.
Common sense says No. I'm on the slim side of 38R sizing (38" chest, 30" waist) and love RLBL b/c of its slim-fit. But I still wear the 38R -- it is true to size in the chest, though with high armholes and good waist suppression. Its shoulders are also quite pronounced due to padding and are very aggressive. If you size up, I suspect that you will lose some of its signature slim look and end up with a suit with overbroad shoulders for your frame, and an average fit through...
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorial_marxist BB's quality beats all +1, though they have the tail, and the OP mentioned he didn't want that.
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