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Looks fake -- check where it ships from, if it doesn't say a legit place, then that's a bad side. If it says somewhere in Asia, that's a bad sign.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sterling Gillette Realistically (and average-joe-y) calculated: Capsule collection=navy suit, grey suit, any sport coat, three pairs of trousers, a jeans, a chino, four pairs of shoes, a dozen shirts, four solid ties. The rest is up to personal needs. Very solid suggestions, I'd maybe amend to three pairs of shoes (black cap-toe, brown, and a basketball or running shoe for athletic wear), 6-8 shirts. Get stuff...
Question on scarves: what colors match best with a charcoal overcoat?
Charcoal's probably more versatile than a brown, actually, though I think a really rich brown would look nicer.
Quote: Originally Posted by bearsfan172 That blue silk Hermes from the OP was very nice looking, I'd love to see how it draped. Question for you guys, what color slacks and shirts would go best with a brown plaid jacket? Light blue for shirts, and then gray slacks, maybe a different shade of brown, and anything lighter -- khaki, tan, stone, white, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay I've followed numerous threads in which people paired wing-tips with jeans, so I assumed it was acceptable. Based on your professed desire, I'd go with a standard cap-toe dark brown oxford. It's boring, but it's versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie Some are nice, some are vomit. I only have 2: navy and seersucker. Well if you count my princeton beer jacket, 3. Sick. But our year had zippers, and I don't know if anything with a zipper can be classified with sport coats.
As many as you're willing to wear, right? I think I'm up to 8 or 9 now, and trying to build my collection to around a dozen.
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