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I too have enjoyed the show and the creators' reimagination of Hannibal as a rather dapper European. As for the "teardrop" pattern, I believe you're referring to paisley, the pattern on a lot of his ties (people also describe it as kind of amoeba-like): I absolutely love his suits and the pattern matching is pretty spot-on as well. The one issue I have is with the ugly way he ties his ties -- very thick knot (likely a full windsor) without a sharp dimple, so it looks a...
I'm a big fan of Frederique Constant watches for beginners: Elegant, Breguet-inspired design, very affordable, and reasonably sized at 40mm.
Shoulders may be too large also, but the main problem is that the jacket is too short. As for height, I dunno, 5'8"-5'10"?
Personally, no. But to be fair, I used to think the same about ties, and I've come around to the importance of high-quality silk and/or six-fold construction, as I've found that the best ties produce a better knot, knot more easily, and look substantially better. Will I have the same change of heart w/r/t socks? I think they are a less visual piece of the wardrobe, so I'm dubious, but never say never . . .
The Prince of Wales looks absolutely spectacular.
I'd go with Weymouth. The visual appeal of a wholecut is that the shoe is only made of one piece of leather, so it's as simple and minimalist as you can get. The Rosemoor strikes me as an odd compromise -- not a wholecut, yet will suffer from the shortcomings of one (e.g., more easily showing creases on the toe box).
Nice. I like the fit of their extra slims better than BB so am in the process of switching over to Tyrwhitt. I think the shirt quality is a notch below BB, but the fit is great, and picking up shirts for $50 a pop is pretty nice compared to BB's steadily rising prices (best sale you'll ever get now is like $60 a shirt).
That is actually the right length for a suit, although obviously lower than you'll see in GQ.
Those bags look amazing, very interested to hear if others know of him.
They look fine but those seem to be relatively bulky ties making decently sized four-in-hand knots. I'd still go half-windsor with a spread collar with an ordinary tie.
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