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Amazing thread, which there was something here fitting a slim 38 or 37.
I wonder about this as well. I sometimes do: wallet in left breast pocket, cell phone in right breast, keys in front left (I don't like having much stuff in my pants because it bulks them up). But other times I'll go wallet in left back pants pocket, cell phone in right breast, keys in front left.
Generally you match leathers to leathers, not to your suit. So a black strap/silver dial watch with a black belt (silver buckle) and black dress shoes. This is not a strict rule, however, since it's obviously a lot easier to change your shoes and belt from day to day than it is to switch a watch strap or have enough watches to rotate them. If you go with a black strap with brown shoes and brown belt, it'll be fine.
Hey, so I saw a brief thread on this from a few years back, but I'm wondering if members have used T. Anthony briefcases and, if so, what they think of them. I really like the styling (akin to Swane Adeney Brigg) and the price point seems a little more reasonable (around $800US). And if you don't like them, what would you recommend as an alternative (please don't say SAB, I'm thinking under the $1,000 mark)?
Hey, I'm a fellow law school grad this year. My thoughts: 1) Don't wear a black suit to work. You can search "black suit" in these forums and get a lot of discussion about why, but the basic rule should be stick to navy and charcoal. In terms of patterns, some sort of stripe pattern is probably the most acceptable, so if you're buying another 2 suits to add to your navy and charcoal, it might be worth getting at least one of them in a pattern so you can mix it up. 2)...
I'm curious how many Rolexes you've seen, and whether this is a fair comparison. Submariner is probably the most popular Rolex (or on bar with Datejust), while Planet Ocean is further down the Omega popularity totem pole. You will see plenty of Speedmaster Pros or more conventional Seamasters (e.g., Aqua Terra), and I'd personally guess that of the luxury watch brands, Omega is the 2nd most popular brand in the US other than Rolex.I'd suggest the poster take a look at JLC,...
If you get lucky at Woodbury Common you can find this, but very difficult. Even online sellers, when they put these suits on sale, will be in the $1200 range. And for something like a Navy in the Anthony cut, they will just never go on sale.
Very high button stance, though I like where they're going with the MOP buttons.
Uh yeah, they've definitely gone up. SMP is $4,500 new or maybe in the high three thousands if you get a good discount or go to the gray market.
Thread closed lol
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