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I think we're being a little unkind to OP. Depending on the girlfriend's career ambitions, it could be counterproductive to dress that way. If you were a lawyer and did that, you would get nowhere fast. So it depends on the workplace and her own ambitions, so more details would be appreciated. To the extent that OP is concerned not because of jealousy or insecurity, but because he wants to help his girlfriend dress professionally in a way that will benefit her, he deserves...
Good calls. I'd also say to grab a monk strap somewhere in there. Maybe the #5 should actually be a pair of monks rather than shell cordovan, which is really an optional shoe.
I'm confused, do you mean you wear the french cuffs when you leave your suit jacket ON, or do you mean you wear french cuffs when you want to leave your suit jacket behind (i.e., you wear french cuffs without a jacket)?
Yes, this is intentional. The side adjusters obviate the need for a belt and slims down the whole look. Do not add belt loops.
Just wear penny loafers.
I really like Panta ties, made by a guy who frequents this forum. Great six-folds at an ideal modern width -- 3.25".
This is excellent advice. Maybe minus the brown suit and replace it with a charcoal pinstripe, or perhaps a tuxedo if you feel like you'll need a formal option (weddings or whatever).
Some items don't correspond much. Shirts you can always pick up for cheaper than $100 (e.g., Brooks Brothers shirts for $88, but always at $220 for 3, or at any one of their many sales for more like $55-60 a pop). And I think you could keep wearing those shirts even if you upped the rest of the wardrobe.Ties can actually run you much more for a nice one, more like in the $100 range, and $250's probably the minimum for goodyear welted shoes that will actually last a...
Keep it for suits.
I'd actually vote for penny loafers for versatility. Boat shoes are too casual to be worn with chinos and blazer, but penny loafers can go with shorts and a polo.
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