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A Grand Seiko is not a poor man's watch. But a $50-150 Seiko 5 is a pretty great deal at the price.
The button stance does strike me as rather high, though it's currently in fashion. Jacket length is actually pretty good, though on the shorter side of ideal. If you go by the "second knuckle" rule, the jacket looks to be hitting the base of your thumb (i.e., 1st knuckle).
Forum affiliate Kent Wang does a sort of hybrid MTM thing and does fully canvassed three pieces for under $1,000. See link: I haven't tried it myself but am strongly considering it for a very similar piece to what you're contemplating (i.e., 3 piece, light gray). The idea is that Kent sends you a base suit in your normal size, and then you note what measurements you'd like adjusted. Send it back to him with the requested measurement adjustments, pick a fabric (the...
Yeah it really depends on your personal preference. Obviously you are entitled to a full refund since the seller failed to accurately describe the item. The only question is, would you pay $195 (the price + alterations cost) for the suit? If so, keep it -- that's a pretty sick (no, amazingly sick) price for a Zegna suit. But don't keep it if it doesn't fit as you'd hoped in the jacket. If the jacket is off, especially in the shoulders or the armholes, there's not too much...
Realistically fit is more important than construction quality. I'd vote Suit Supply. A MTM where you order adjustments is ideal for the more sophisticated members of this forum who know just what they're looking for.
I've never thought that you had to wear french cuffs with braces. As you say, the pants should be accommodated for them and not have belt loops, and it's something that should usually be done with a suit rather than on its own.
In general, the rule is that the lapel width and the tie width should roughly match. I actually think, for a smaller guy, a 3" lapel works fine with a wider tie and can create a nice contrast. But that's because the lapels don't look disproportionately small. I'd guess that for a 45L a 3" lapel will look really small (kind of like the way the lapels on Mad Men look on Don Draper), so wearing a 3.5" tie with such narrow lapels would be a little off.
Agreed, the reality is that outside of big banks in NYC or actual fashion houses, people who really know or care about suit construction or a pair of fine leather shoes are few and far between. Even in big law firms, you'll regularly see people walking around with their old Kenneth Cole square toes and suits from JAB or Lauren Ralph Lauren. No one really cares about how you dress as long as it's within a (broadly conceived) range of what qualifies as professional attire.
So for members in the United States who ordered these, what was your total price per pair of shoes after taking into account shipping and all other costs (and does Meermin deduct VAT since we're not an EU country?)?
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