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This is the definition of shoe porn.
Prices for each collection?
I'd definitely consider a cashmere sweater to be a luxury item given how good wool sweaters are and the fact that the two essentially occupy the same place in a man's wardrobe. That being said, having perhaps one "nice" cashmere sweater might be considered by some to be a wardrobe staple.
Have ordered that same pair from the online sale, and I'm optimistic.
Would be stunned if the suits are full-canvassed, although half-canvas could be possible.
You'll get much better feecback in the tailor fit & feedback thread. My first thoughts are:Good length on sleeves, jacket length, seems good around the shoulders.What is that bizarre thing going on with your left side (right half of photo)? The right and left halves of that suit look completely different, with the left having a weird bowing out/rumpling that almost looks like you're sagging to that side or leaning. Does it always look like that, even if you're standing...
Seen a fair amount of hype for this bag but haven't seen a style forum thread devoted to it yet. Has anyone purchased this bag and had it for a bit (say more than a few months or a few uses) so that they can comment in an informed way on the durability/quality? I have seen lots of blogs recommending it but no one doing a six-month-in or one-year-in review yet.
I feel like this is true in the law world as well, where law firm partners gravitate toward Hermes and Ferragamo. Associates are more likely to be wearing Brooks Brothers.
Borrelli Napoli -- my only green tie, but a favorite. And a red Borrelli. And an Isaia.
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