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I'm selling a used RLBL cashmere sport coat that I picked up on these forums a few years ago, and ended up wearing 10-15 times. It is a beautiful and quite unique jacket, and on the infrequent occasions I've worn it, it's received a lot of compliments! The pattern is a pale, gray houndstooth, so that it looks like a very light gray or slate color from further away. The fabric composition is 51% wool, 49% cashmere, with an absolutely perfect hand. The model is...
Throwing my name in the hat for the giveaway, beautiful tie.
Had the same problem re: oxfords vs. monks. An 8.5 Hiro oxford fit me perfectly, an 8.5 Hiro double monk was flopping around with tons of heel slippage. I didn't compare them side by side but your pictures are now giving me some indication of why that is.
Here are my thoughts. I'm a 9D in most US sizing, but when I sent in my foot measurements to Meermin, it was recommended that I go with an 8.5UK. In that size, the Olfe is about as perfect a last as I can find -- the shape is exactly what I like, and the fit is impeccable. The Hiro in comparison is a little looser -- it is definitely a last that will feel larger. I ordered two models in the Hiro -- a standard lace-up oxford, and a double-monk. I found that the standard...
Any chance there will be a fall/winter lookbook, like we got for the S/S? I would love to see some of those fabrics as more than just swatches.
I agree with you in many respects. It's easy to see good fit, but that is not necessarily indicative of high-quality materials or construction (e.g., full canvas). I think a few properties are characteristic of nice suits, and can be noticeable from far away: 1) Collar gap as a person moves or raises their arms -- I feel like only well-constructed "good" suits -- e.g., at least half-canvas -- will show little to no collar gap at all times as a person moves around. Even a...
6k as of a few days ago . . . wish me luck, gents!
Do they hand-press suits, then?
I always use it in either business or casual wear, but I think it can go either way for casual wear. It's a bit too sprezza for business.
I'd guess 15/32 or possibly a 14.5/32 or thereabouts. I am 5'8" 150 and wear a 15.5/32, for reference.In previous shirt brands, what have your neck and sleeve length measurements been?The thing to keep in mind with shirt measurements (perhaps this is just stating the obvious) is that the neck has to fit, and the sleeve length is pegged to the length of your arms, so those are the only two dimensions that you need to know. Whether the shirt fits your body or not is a...
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