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OK. You win.
He says he's new and is just trying to get some basic clarification. Before going to bespoke, you need to have some sort of indication of fit, style and fabric. There have been huge spoke mistakes made by different posters on this forum as evidence through several photos and diaries. Of course, there has been some great successes too. But for someone so new at this suiting game dear is too much risk to assume.
"actual damn tailor" I seem to have ruffled your Cardinal feathers.
How, exactly?
Terrible, Terrible advice. Once again...This guy is not an experienced suit buyer so to suggest bespoke is a tragedy.highcatcher91, since you are in NYC drop by the Armoury or Paul Stuart for advice, styling suggestions and good value. If you aren't happy then try other options. Just the fact that you have NY at your disposal is a huge advantage.
Moss, I mean.
You seem to have a tremendous amount of clothing. How many Eidos jackets Do you have?
Completely agree
Well no, of course not. But it does underscore their invisibility...
Fair enough, but it seems they must not want extra exposure. I'm sure Rubinacci, Sartoriaripense and Liverano have plenty of business but they are all over the Internet. Perhaps it is just their own penchant for marketing. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of any of the American tailors either alone or with clients (during a fitting or even the shop interior).
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