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Ahh, thanks. Was just looking at recent images posts...missed that one.
@coxsackie, who makes that jacket? Really sharp!
Really? Then you need a better tailor...
Yep, they look nice in their tailoring but they also look portly. Drop the stomach and they would look even better!
Based on the Taub photos, I would say that being in good physical condition is a key component to looking good in tailoring of any level or price.
The guy on the right always looks great in the most casual way...he is about the best example of what I consider casual elegance.  
I wash in cold water, hang dry and iron. No problems with shrinking at all.
I agree with Gus. Most things are above average, especially the aesthetic quality of the goods, but the fabrics and finishing with regards to tailoring are not as refined as other makers I have tried ( Ring, Eidos). The fit is also not as slim IMO. He cuts a narrow shoulder and high arm, but the body and sleeves seem disproportionately full by comparison. The tailors are good and can usually balance this out.
True, but Sid has a lot of Italian influence in his tailoring and I think he has established his own unique look. I hate Southern Trad...looks costume-y and ridiculously trite. And I am from the South.
I thought you were pretty fit. Your clothes look sharp...and I'm envious of your trip to Italy!
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