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Yes, that is what I'm getting at...the "true-3". However, I do agree with the beauty of a hand made buttonhole.
I understand that. Some of the top button holes just seem too pronounced and take away from the beauty of the lapel. Sartoria Formosa has a very noticeable top button hole. The David Reeves model above (greenish, grey...yellow tie) is much more elegant to my eye.
One button is nice. I tried one recently at Paul Stuart and found it to be sleek and unfussy. I agree with PB that three seems more interesting with the market dominance of two button suits, but I can't stand the three button models where you see the top button hole in the lapel (3 roll 2, I think). To me it looks odd and a bit sloppy...reminds me of unbuttoned, button downs and unbuckled monks. Just my .02.
American here. I agree about button-downs looking busy and I have never really cared for them. The "roll" some are so concerned with just looks like an oversized collar IMO. As far as the Italians, they always seem to wear them unbuttoned which looks sloppy and affected. If they like the shape so much, why not have the collar made without button holes...?
Tirailleur1 is probably the most stylish and original poster on this forum!
What is your outfit? Suit & tie? A description would help.
I was hoping it was more orange. Thanks for your responses. And, yes it is on the purchase list!
Do any of you guys have the Paprika colored scarf by Begg? Was wondering about the color. Read or more orange?
Noodles,Who makes the suit in the bottom photo. I like the way the shoulders fit you.
Me Too! I don't have a lot of use for heavy winter clothes due to my climate, so that is the only thing stopping me. It is disappointing, because I like winter clothes much more than summer and they are just easier to wear.
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