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What's with Ralph you mean Polo or Purple Label?
1. Tasseled loafers 2. Wearing a tie with the small blade hanging 4 inches below the front. Absolutely puerile.
Just ordered a Manhattan fit. I have several Tokyo slims that are atleast two years old and will gladly post a comparison when I receive the new order.
great, thank you
What Eidos suit model is Saks now stocking? Anyone know?
Really Nice! Both of you look fantastic.
You need to offer smaller sizing in Rota and especially Formosa.
I'm a 36r in their suits and the pants are a 30. I would expect a 31.5 at the smallest with a 38r. BTW, I don't find their cut overly slim.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Jamieson's Fair Isle sweaters that are in the new arrivals section. Reason I ask is that they look to be on the slim side if going by the measurements. Trying to zero in on sizing...
Found the site..thanks for the quick response!
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