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Boston is a wonderful city. But I could not stand dealing with the winters...what a pig.
Fantastic! Who makes the square! Is that a suit or blazer and dark grey trou? Can't tell in the photo?
Can any of the AS experts tell me which last would be a "B" or narrow width last. Don't have any retailers near me that stock the brand.
8. I'm sorry to tell you this but I purchased a number of Bigi ties elsewhere because of the 9cm width. For most jackets I currently own. 8cm looks better proportionally and I believe this would apply to the majority of today's rtw. I love Bigi and tyt because they have great texture and unique colors/patterns.For reference, I wear a tie every day and own between 40 and 50.
+1. S. Schuman was the first photographer to bring this type of imagery to the masses (at least one my recollection). I think he could do a menswear book very nicely.
Interesting observations, EVF. The one thing that I haven't seen very much, at least in terms of retail availability, is wider lapels. Perhaps it is working it's way to the US. I thank you for your photos and comments during Pitti. Great job!
I was always told that Black Label was made by Caruso. PL too, or so I thought. Am I incorrect?
+1. Thank you! Let's enjoy it for what it is!!!
Yes, that is consistent with the news I have gotten. The old black label will be tagged as purple label. The old purple label will now have the handmade designation which will help clarify the difference in price point. I think this is moving in the right direction.
Yep, me too. Yet I don't think it is the fault of the consumer. Retail has taught us to wait and we expect to buy things on sale...that is good news for us.
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