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Don't know about the arms, but it looks like it is pulling in the back.
I like the trousers. Youthful and modern. Well done!
Be glad you live in a climate that has no need for flannel. Winter is a pig in the East and Midwest...and when the flannel comes out, those wearing it will be wishing for Linen.
Eidos: 1. Made in Italy 2. Inspired by Italian style, be it by way of Florence, Naples, southern Italy... 3. Owned by Isaia 1 + 2 + 3= Italian
I have a few totally unstructured jackets in light wool by Boglioli, Eidos and Belvest. All of them, especially Boglioli, look very similar to your fit. In reality these are supposed to fit like a cardigan sweater and they are not going to have that super clean look. Once you get used to this softer type of jacket you might find it difficult to return to "traditional" canvassed garments. I continue to move in that direction. IMO, the suit very nice.
Nicely done. I've looked at the PJ tumblr for a number of years and have always admired their approach to tailoring. The back looks nice, did they say the extra room would allow for better ventilation?
No. I have ordered from the U.S. site on four separate occasions and have never been charged duties.
Disagree. I don't think the fits are crazy tight. You have to remember DC is 5'10" and very built up for the role as Bond. Too muscular in my opinion. So, there is not much space to create "shape" in his clothing. If he were 6'2", I believe there would be more of a flow to his tailoring.
Hilarious! Can't believe it has taken this long!
The coat is shorter and the lapels are smaller. Too thin IMO as the Anthony's are slim enough. In all a more fashion forward suit.
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