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You're an idiot.
Sart, are you really this bitter, negative and arrogant? I can't recall one positive comment from you. I'm hoping you are nothing more than a forum spook simply trying to stir shit up. I hope for your sake the latter is accurate. Otherwise, you are pathetic.
Spot on! You're EXACTLY right!
How so?
The GIRL is incredible! I don't even see Lapo...
Means you keep solid company!
"Just purchased this tie from blommies,had to add to my collection since its something different, even though my gf thinks it looks like a sock, lol. Is this something to be worn with a suit ,or a more casual look like a sport coat?" I got the exact same response last winter when wearing a square bottom wool tie that looks very similar to your Eidos. I was also asked (by another person) if I had accidentally put the tie in the washer. I think this type of look is a SF...
I'm sure a jacket of that type would be difficult to find. By your description I can only think of Boglioli, but that is of course far too "Sartoria" to apply here. Good job!
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