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Perfect, thank you. The fresco and POW looks great. How I miss this stuff is a mystery to me as much as I view this site??
I have a Fresco blazer and it is great. Where did you see this...did you go to the trunk show?
Greg-I agree with Newcomer. Your Formosa suits are beautiful, but they are too heavy for the South and many areas in the southern Midwest. I have to buy "year-round" fabrics because it just is not practical when many years it is warm from late March through October. I bought your overcoat made up in the tan and beige fabric that was somewhat lighter than the other offerings and it is perfect for milder climates...this is my thinking with suits. Just my opinion...
What an Interesting and thoughtful approach to men's clothing. I always thought he was one of the most authentically stylish members on this forum.
This is a great way to show what a square looks like when actually worn. I have always had a hard time "seeing" how a fold will look from a flat image. You should do this on the site. These pics just sold me on two Drake's squares.
I agree with this. I have a couple RLBL suits and feel that for the suit to look good it must fit very well from the outset. Most people size up for comfort which is a mistake because of the strong shoulder.
Stitch, You are the coolest! When your photos pop up on my screen, the room temperature drops 20 degrees!
"Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey Everyone did a very good job of incorporating all the right material elements here - so a big well done to all the entrants - but it's fascinating to me that no-one, not even Pingson or Timotune, Murlsquirl, Sugarbutch or Stitchy, who I think were the best, came close to actually capturing that essence of Italian CBD. Cleav and TTO looked excellent, for example, but still somehow entirely British! This makes me think that's not really...
"A lot of the sprezzatura that we see in #menswear photos is really "faux-sprezz" as the people are clearly giving a fuck while trying to look as though they don't. The whole "tie pen!s" (longer tail than blade) or the tail coming in front of or beside the blade in the tie knot thing is another egregious example. " Completely agree! It looks ridiculous.
Suit looks great! Really like the lapel width. I wish they stocked that in a 36R.
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