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Without a doubt, you consistently provide some of the best advice on this forum.
Completely agree. This look works in any place, time and environment...always elegant, understated and subtle.
Seems right on the border to me. Actually it is right in line with jackets I was wearing 10 years ago, 36r at 29.5" BOC. Perhaps it is just what my eye is accustomed to by contemporary standards. I'm just not positive, though. Fabric is killer!
New NMWA Eidos. Seems a bit long to me. Thoughts?
Wow! I think that is referring to my post nearly two weeks ago...cool
The drop down size box is missing on the glen plaid?
What is the fabric? Looks fantastic!!
No, I do not. I prefer any cut that is flattering and pleasing to the person wearing it. Whatever that style may be.I simply made a comment about how much I like Eidos tailoring and my opinion of the NMWA cut. That's it.
New Posts  All Forums: