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Well no, of course not. But it does underscore their invisibility...
Fair enough, but it seems they must not want extra exposure. I'm sure Rubinacci, Sartoriaripense and Liverano have plenty of business but they are all over the Internet. Perhaps it is just their own penchant for marketing. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of any of the American tailors either alone or with clients (during a fitting or even the shop interior).
Who are these North American Tailors? They have practically no Internet presence to my knowledge. I could not even name two. Why is this?
Didn't know this. I really like your tailored looks.
Where are all of the tailored pieces in this collection? Is Eidos moving more to casual wear?
notice how many people posting in this thread are BANNED! Hilarious...
Ahh, thanks. Was just looking at recent images posts...missed that one.
@coxsackie, who makes that jacket? Really sharp!
Really? Then you need a better tailor...
Yep, they look nice in their tailoring but they also look portly. Drop the stomach and they would look even better!
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