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Interesting. He has always looked a bit ho-hum if not slightly sloppy.
This is the type of thread that reminds me of older SF posts, before the mass movement towards commerce, accumulation and "kopping". I sincerely appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experience along with the detailed write up. It seems you have enjoyed the process and I think that is one of the joys of custom tailoring. Please share as you move along in the process...it will certainly be appreciated!
Actually, I don't think Sid is that slim. Slimish in a modern way but still very comfortable. The Eidos Tenero Jacket is slimmer for reference. I tried last years model stocked by Bloomingdales and thought it was very full...so much that I would have had to size down. But their are several Eidos models around so it is hard to compare in general terms regarding fit. Try looking at the Eidos thread. I believe that you are just going to try on Eidos unless you can get...
I might be able to help. I have Sid's house cut and a couple of Eidos Tenero jackets. Overall, I think that Eidos has a bit better finishing. That's not to say that SM is not good, it's just not quite as well done. Both are good values in my opinion, so it really comes down to which look you prefer.
Stitch, long time no see. Looking sharp!
Perfect, thank you.
Quick question. Is the Edios field jacket sized to fit over a jacket? So if I am planning to wear it over a blazer, do I need to size up?
Enjoy your nice weather...
Mrk200- What size is the Eidos?
is there anyway you can put the Rota swatches on line? It would be nice to order some if possible. I'm on the East Coast, so I certainly can't make it to the trunk show. Bummer ...
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