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Speaking of ties a few posts back... I love the color and texture of this Bigi but I'm a bit unsure how to wear it. Suggestions?
"For the most part I think the majority of these looks, whilst bang on trend right now (and I'm not denying I also dress like this), are akin almost to the 90s Armani approach on menswear and will date accordingly. There is no doubt that whilst brands such as P. Johnson, Eidos Napoli and for a very small part NMWA/The Armoury firmly fall into the classic menswear side they are still very much "#Menswear" and lean more towards passing trend than classic." IchDien is spot...
Most of PS's fabrics are exclusive to the store and are of limited quantity. This certainly drives up price. The PC line uses very small fabric runs. As far as quality, I believe they are the same. But, some of the tailoring details may add to labor cost. I do know that with PC there is hand sewing under the arms using silk thread which is supposed to add comfort.
Yep, I was very surprised to learn that the least appealing square was the Rubi. I don't own any, but I like their designs and know it is a forum favorite. Was not surprises by Hermes or Drakes. I would buy half of what Drakes offers each season but at 16 x16 they are too bulky for me.
5,2,3,4,1 Interested in finding out the makers. Prices too, if available.
All by Tom Ford. His scarves are absolutely fantastic!
Ponies? Whaaaaaaa...please explain?
Journeyman- Can you comment on the dress shirts offered on the e-commerce site. They look great and I have thought about having some sent to the U.S. Made in Italy?
I don't know about the shirt and tie...but grey on grey can look great. Google Ralph Lauren. He shows this often, pay attention to texture and tone.
Code: +2 on the blazer . You are stocking 36r?
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