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Could not agree more with jedwards. Try to minimize dry cleaning unless completely necessary. Regardless of make, it will degrade fabric over time.
Great, Mr. 6. Deets on the Ties?
If you are after the cut that best exemplifies the Eidos point of view in tailoring, I would stick with the NMWA model.[/quote] I'm glad you said this. I like the Eidos aesthetic and would like to wear it in its' most "original" form.
The guy in the brown suit from Thr Armoury looks great and so does Leaves. To me, what "was" in Italy or America is not relevant to me much anymore. I have really come to appreciate different styles and their historical references. If something is done well...then it is done well.
Me, just the opposite. I prefer the Tenero but love both of them!
Great! Thank you for posting this. I just purchased the Tenero from Haberdash in Chicago and love it. The Lorenzo and Tipo are the other models I'm seeing online, so it us nice to see a side by side. Can anyone compare the Tipo to the Tenero ?
I think the shoulder looks good. I would only consider sizing up if for some reason it feels uncomfortable.
Hey Guys, I have a brand new Jort blue birds eye in a size 34r I'd like to sell. It if from the current spring collection(http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jort_all/jort-blue-birds-eye/P4018I.html?start=9&cgid=jort_all) and has never been worn or altered. It was a gift and was not returned within the appropriate time frame. Exchanging for another size does not work due to arm length. So, I would like to recoup at least 1/2 of my cost. It sells for $999 and I would like to...
1.matt Lauer 2.Lester Holt
Oddly, I did not notice it being short until you pointed it out. The short jacket trend has been in force for so long it almost seems normal. Just the other day I put on some of my suits from just five years ago and they looked disproportionate. I think it's all in what you get accustomed to.I thought Eidos Cut their jackets in a very classic length. I've never noticed them being odly short. But if the model is 6'5 and wears a 38 regular… I think I know where that photo...
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