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Are the Formosa suits "final sale"? I did not see a message in red print, but I just wanted to confirm. I know they are fantastic and I'm dying to try one, but I'm just unsure of the fit even after several measurements. Those of you that own one say it fits slightly narrow, correct ?
The pants look great. I have not seen pleats look that sharp in a long time!
Paul-lux, I have viewed your tumblr many times and have always admired your Ripense tailoring. Interesting that you say the spalla shoulder is not right for you...what "type" of shoulder is Ripense using on your jackets? They look great! I ask because I am a slim 36r and I think that is a very flattering style.
Epaulet- Thanks for your comments on the LBM blazer. I was interested to know if the cut was yours exclusively or a standard LBM model. And, I agree with your thoughts on Phinneas and RLBL...I have some of each. They are very directional and that is exactly what I am trying to move away from.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Luigi Bianchi Mantova Vittorio navy blazer? The color looks like a "bright" navy and has a bit of a casual vibe...perfect for summer. Never tried anything from Epaulet. Can the fit be compared to Phinneas or RLBL?
Antonio, I think what you are doing is fantastic! I love the look with the navy short sleeve shirt and gray trousers with side tabs...great! BTW, I've tried Isaia in a 36r and found it a bit full which was very surprising. In general, how will Eidos be cut in comparison? Lastly, your formal jacket reminds me of something Lapo Elkan might pull off quite nicely. And in the right setting, I would give it a shot myself !
Yeah, I saw those in the sale section but there are none in my size.
Greg- Are you going to offer Casentino coats again this year? I kind of missed out on that...
Interesting, thank you. I tried the 14.5 in Inglese and it was too tight as I mentioned previously. From your description, the Mazz in 14.5 might be the answer. I think a 15 in the Inglese will be too large in the collar.
I tried the Inglese but it was too tight in the shoulders and chest...neck and sleeves were perfect. Beautiful shirt! How did you find the Mazz fit in comparison ?
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