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Great story!
I do not think it looks too tight. It looks shapley...otherwise it would like a sack jacket.
Exactly! It's just clothes!
I have always wanted one of those No. 7 ties. I was kind of hoping that NMWA would pick them up for Spring\Summer.
You're not too old...no matter what your age. 90% do look ridiculous! I can't believe the SF community doesn't rip them apart!
Personally I like the soft shoulder look. But remember when Spoo Poker would post a bevy of Tom Ford looks? And how about TTO and his English tailoring. You really don't see that much anymore except for a few pieces by David Reeves. This type of variety added value to the forum. I'm not suggesting in any way that the forum is any less than it was in the past, but it does appear in my opinion to be less inclusive.
It has changed! I actually think the SF crowd is LESS liberal/open in what is acceptable. To me, it is all soft shouldered, wool ties and odd jackets...There is also an obsession with hand made production...all that is machine made is inferior. I feel the look of SF is more formulaic than ever.As far as Tumblr's influence, I can say that it certainly has steered me into a more relaxed and casual approach to dressing.
I took a look at the collection this morning and thought it was very tasteful. Very British, as it should be. Drakes in Turnbull were listed at some of the manufacturers but nothing was mentioned about the suits. Not even if they were canvassed or not. Does anyone know who made the tailored clothing?
I like brown, but I can never find the right shade. Honestly I think it looks a bit old mannish, but I have also seen it tie in brown shoes very well with navy. A top 5? Not so much.
Yes, that is what I'm getting at...the "true-3". However, I do agree with the beauty of a hand made buttonhole.
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