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Code: +2 on the blazer . You are stocking 36r?
Nick, you've done a great job mixing formal and casual pieces. The collection looks very wearable. I want to ask if you are also doing the footwear that is seen in the pictures?
Greg- Is that a suit or sc? Also, when will the new Eidos be online?
Experience...good or bad? The way I have figured it is that you subtract 20% (for VAT) from the sales price and convert to dollars. Then add about 20 pounds ( $31) for shipping. Am I missing anything?
Well, if you are going for versatility in the same vein as a navy blazer, then you may consider the solid gray one. There is a lot of controversy over gray on this forum but I have seen it used to great effect. If you need some examples google Brunello CucinelliI. I think the key with the gray is that it needs to be visually distinguishable from a suit jacket. However, this is just my opinion...
Opinion. That's all. Group opinion.
Wear your tie like a grown-up. The small blade should not stick out beyond the wide part of the tie...it just makes you look sloppy and rushed.
Great story!
I do not think it looks too tight. It looks shapley...otherwise it would like a sack jacket.
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