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Found the site..thanks for the quick response!
Really? Any info where I can get this online?
I purchased these about 2 years ago and now have decided to buy another pair. However the special order price has jumped to $850 and I originally paid about $625. Ridiculous, IMO. (I have to special order because of the narrow last AND the fact that I want it in brown). It is currently on the site at $678 as the in-stock price. It is a Stuart's Choice model. All I really know is that it is an English shoe, but I'm hoping someone can ID the maker. My idea is that I'll...
You're an idiot.
Sart, are you really this bitter, negative and arrogant? I can't recall one positive comment from you. I'm hoping you are nothing more than a forum spook simply trying to stir shit up. I hope for your sake the latter is accurate. Otherwise, you are pathetic.
Spot on! You're EXACTLY right!
How so?
The GIRL is incredible! I don't even see Lapo...
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