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found those bamboo floor protector mats cheaper on ebay:
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i know its late, but i like the lighter colored one found them cheaper on ebay here:
anyone else buy these? their sale ends in 15 days
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 It's ugly as sin. Why do you have an office chair with wheels on your hardwood floor to begin with? If you really need one, then just get a carpet, not a clear plastic one but not a wooden odd-shaped carpet either. You know, a normal looking carpet... JMO of course. I Personally use one in my carpeted office, and the other on my hardwoodfloor at work. Adds a nice contrast to both rooms. Very executive...
^^i ordered two a couple weeks ago, and i love them. started a thread too. perhaps you like the cheap/clear plastic ones you get at office max? yeah, those are a lot nicer
hand-stained bamboo chairmats to protect hardwoodfloors + to allow office chairs to roll on carpets.. they have various styles and 4-5 different stain colors. below are Classic Dark Cherry and Dark Chocolate walnut
alright, so my mats arrived the other day. I love 'em. i ordered both the thinner version and the thicker version. I definitely recommend getting the thicker version (the one designed for carpets), if you're using it on ANY kind of carpeted surface, because the thinner mat did not work well on carpets. The thinner one however worked really really nicely in my office on my hardwood floor. And the thick version works fine on my medium-pile carpeting. between the chocolate...
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 I don't understand the purpose of chair mats. 1. protects hardwood floors from getting scratched/indented. 2. not easy to roll around in an office chair on carpeting. with a chairmat, you can roll around. these also look really nice. adds contrast to the office. i just ordered 2. the dark chocolate walnut color and dark cherry. i'll let you guys know what i think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Dear jinglealltheway, We have no opinions on your bamboo chairmats. We did not yesterday, and we do not today, which is why we didn't have much to say in this thread, or in the other identical thread you started in the Entertainment subforum. Further bumping will not be necessary. Sincerely, -Your friends at this IS the Home/Design forum isn't it? this IS the forum where we give/take...
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