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The 3 best lifts for solid growth are bench, deadliest, and squats.
Honestly, they are a little snug in the thighs and I certainly would have sized up one more. However, i was told they would stretch to a 36, Ive only worn them a time or two so this may take some time, more then I may have patience for.
preferable cuff, 1"? i know exactly how long that is...
Thanks from a fellow cheesehead. I'm back to madison for pharmacy school and low and behold Context was here so I could try on a pair, and the guys there were very helpful! I highly recommend them.
Well I never thought I would be able to get a nice pair of raw's because my legs are pretty big. But while they are on the tight side now (34's, normally 36) I am confident they will ease up.
You have to remember all of the guys here are 5'7 & 145lbs. You need a tall. Both Gap & Banana Republic have slim fitting tall sizes. Don't bother waisting money on a shirt that looks like a midriff, I have a few BR polos in L & XL and they fir perfect. I am 6'4, 235 (lean,muscular).
Brand new as of yesterday. I bought these and took them home to show my girlfriend not knowing there are no returns on raw jeans. Asking 150 and i will include ground shipping. Included with tags/bag, and Context reciept. Plenty of references. Thank you Scott
successful trade for amazon $ with randomkoreandude. Thanks again!!
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