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Quote: Originally Posted by Rada I don't mind the shoulders... I do think you could bring the waist in more and the sleeves up a bit to show some cuff. Does anyone else think the button point is a bit too high? All in all it's not too bad... where'd you get it? Thanks for the input, Rada. I agree about the sleeve length. The suit was handed down to me from a cousin (surprisingly, it's probably my best fitting jacket).
Hello all. I've been observing this thread for a couple months now, and this is my first post. I'd like some feedback/criticism on the fit of the jacket, please. I think the shoulders might be a bit too large (?). Thank you, and sorry for the bad phone pictures! Oh, if there's a better place (other thread) to post this, please let me know that as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cognacad Everything is pretty great, I wouldn't worry too too much about the food. Try to stay away from very touristic areas when you want to eat though, try to eat where Italians eat. Beware though, try to figure out what is on the menu before you order! With the amount of time you are there, you will be somewhat busy seeing all the amazing sights and should be eating mostly just for sustenance! Haha. That being said, many...
I'm in.
If possibe, can you post picture of sole of the Manhattan's? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Funny, though, I'm doing modified PSMF through the third week of June, but each week has a cheat/reload day. - B Don't mean to derail thread, but would you happen to be doing Lyle McDonald's "Rapid Fat Loss" diet?
Please check your inbox. Thank you.
Where are you staying? I'm assuming a casino on the Strip, so you're best bets are going to be Fashion Show mall, the Forum Shops inside Ceasar's Palace, or Crystals at CityCenter. All on the strip.
These were originally posted in WAYWRN thread: Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Yawn.. click for more context Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Diggin' the light in my new office/area Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 I figured this would be the best place to ask this: What knot is this? It's not FIH or double FIH. What is it? Wait, is it the double FIH, but...
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