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I didn't want to make a new thread for this (but might if I don't get replies). Is this peacoat too long on me? I know the sleeves are too long, but how about the body length? It didn't look too long when I tried it on with jeans, but with these pants I think it might. Also, I think the shoulders might be a bit too big but I think if I went down to a M (the one I'm wearing is L), the waist might be too tight. I bought it online at Banana Republic: here is the product...
Can you take measurements of the AE Bentleys, please. More specifically, the inside sole.
If anything, this serves as a bump. Spoo, did you get my message(s)? They don't show as "sent" for me. Anyways, I just need your PayPal. Do I put item description in comments (in PayPal).
Let us know when you receive them VKK, and how you like/dislike them. Thanks. I'm looking for the same style shoe. I'd probably order those but they don't ship overseas.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 I think the colors go together but I wonder if the stripes in the suit and shirt are too close in scale? Thanks for the input kevinsp8. I think you're right about the stripes.
Yesterday. I know there's obvious fit issues like waist, sleeve length (actually, the shirt sleeves are too short), and shoulders. How about the combination? The suit is a dark navy. Any input is welcome.
Can anyone recommend any shirts (other than T.M. Lewin) that have a very wide spread collar and are under $100? I'm most interested in collar (not quality, etc.). Like these: one and two. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Fit looks reasonable (though trousers could be shortened a touch and the jacket makes you slightly pear-shaped) but I can't say I like the colour. On my screen, it looks a very odd grey/brown, though that might just be the cellphone pic. Thanks for the advice, Holdfast. I agree about shortening the length on the pants. I see what you mean about looking pear-shaped; any advice on how to fix this? I feel...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Really hard to tell from the pics about the shoulders...but show some cuff and have that waist suppressed a bit to give you more of a silhouette. You could also try posting a separate thread in MC, you know, "critique my jacket fit, with pics"...there's usually a hundred of those a day. Thanks for the advice NewYorkRanger.
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