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Just giving feedback and share my experience. I ordered the Strand (black) on May 29, and received them on June 6. Pretty good. The box cover came ripped and folded (to fit in USPS box); that's no big deal for me. Shoes came with shoe bags. Only issue with shoes is that left shoe came with a line (scratch is what it looks like) about 1.5 inches in length on left side below laces. I'm not very knowledgeable about whether they could be seconds or not, but I'd say no....
I'd like to know an answer to the above as well. Also, when using flannel cloths (wether bought from AE, old shoe bags, etc.), do you use it once and throw away? Use it once as in to apply cleaner/conditioner/lotion; not for when you shine. I would assume you can use that one multiple times. Can anyone help with these questions. Thanks in advance!
Can someone explain, please, how/where the seller got these so cheap? Thank you.
Is there anything to let out in the waist of the Valentino Uomo pants? Thanks!
I don't mean to derail this thread from OP's question, but: For those that say tie without sportcoat is bad, what would you do if in your town from March through November it is 80 degrees or more (actually, usually 95 or more and for June, July, and August it's 105 or more)? I'm in Las Vegas. People in Arizona can relate as well.
Does anyone know the sleeve size on the 15.75 Pal Zileri shirts? I don't want him to open them up.
Does anyone know what the sleeve size is on the 15.75/40 Borelli shirts? I've never owned a Borelli, so I have no idea. Thanks.
Fast replies! Good deals!
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix The cut of that coat is slim-cut, and thus is not suitable for your body type. In fact, it has a reversed effect. Either M or L will not work. Just return the coat and get a more fully-cut one. Thanks for your honest advice Onix. Any coats similar to this that you would suggest for me? (links) Thank you.
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