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Can someone provide some insight if the Carlyle and Clifton fit same or different - I know they are both on the 108 last Thanks
What is a topline bulge?
How do you determine what C&J has in stock for seconds / subs? What kind of discount should I expect when purchasing seconds / subs? Thanks
Can someone comment on the fit of the different shoes on the 8 last - I tried on the AE Carlyle and it was a great fit, but I really didn't like the style - I am interested in the Vernon, Delray, or Clifton - I know sometimes shoes on the same last fit slightly different - THANKS
Is anyone able to post a picture of an 8 lasted shoe next to a 5 lasted shoe? Thanks
Looking for Crockett Jones 7E Shoes - 341 or 360 Last Send me what you have with specifics (Model / Color / Condition / Price) Thanks
I know there is a a lot of talk about how big the perforations are in the Rogue, but if you look at post #56813 (which is the Rogue next to the Strand), the perforations really don't look all that large - I know this is the SF, but is anyone really going to notice
Need some help on the color of Bob's Chili - Is more brown or red? Could I wear a pair of Bob's Chili colored shoes with a dark brown pair of pants?
I'm very interested in the new Rogue (201 last) since I can't seem to get a good fit on the 5 last Can someone compare the fit of the new 201 last to the 5 last? What size do you take in the 5 last and what size do you wear in the new 201 last? What difference did you notice between the the lasts? Thanks
With the New 201 last coming out recently, does anyone have a picture of the Strand and Rogue next to each other?
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