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I've never owned a pair of C&J with rubber soles - What are the pro / con's of a rubber sole? Do rubber soles look noticeably different from leather soles (Read: can another person tell if they are rubber soles)? Thanks
Can someone provide some insight if the Carlyle and Clifton fit same or different - I know they are both on the 108 last Thanks
What is a topline bulge?
How do you determine what C&J has in stock for seconds / subs? What kind of discount should I expect when purchasing seconds / subs? Thanks
Can someone comment on the fit of the different shoes on the 8 last - I tried on the AE Carlyle and it was a great fit, but I really didn't like the style - I am interested in the Vernon, Delray, or Clifton - I know sometimes shoes on the same last fit slightly different - THANKS
Is anyone able to post a picture of an 8 lasted shoe next to a 5 lasted shoe? Thanks
Looking for Crockett Jones 7E Shoes - 341 or 360 Last Send me what you have with specifics (Model / Color / Condition / Price) Thanks
I know there is a a lot of talk about how big the perforations are in the Rogue, but if you look at post #56813 (which is the Rogue next to the Strand), the perforations really don't look all that large - I know this is the SF, but is anyone really going to notice
Need some help on the color of Bob's Chili - Is more brown or red? Could I wear a pair of Bob's Chili colored shoes with a dark brown pair of pants?
I'm very interested in the new Rogue (201 last) since I can't seem to get a good fit on the 5 last Can someone compare the fit of the new 201 last to the 5 last? What size do you take in the 5 last and what size do you wear in the new 201 last? What difference did you notice between the the lasts? Thanks
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