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I'm still a novice - 13 so far. But, I have 9 more on the wish list.
Interesting. Been looking at the forest green and midnight blue and the charcoal grey and midnight blue in this style. I've got so many on my list.I shouldn't be buying ties now. I have to hold steady for a little while.
APC Rescues might work. They are are a straight cut, but not a slim straight.
That's exactly the oxblood/burgundy combination I'm hoping for.
Just ordered a pair of Navy in 8.5/41. Been wanting Navy sneakers. Can anyone make me feel comfortable that I ordered the correct size? Here are my lasts and sizes. Alden Hampton 8.5US C&J 348 7.5UK C&J 363 8UK AS 87 7.5UK AS 48 7.5UK AS 99 8UK Thanks
I have the Blake in oak. They are medium-dark brown. They won't ever be mistaken for black even inside in room without sunlight. The third picture has a direct flash and is not the true color. It's a pretty rich brown. The other two look a little dark, but are much closer to accurate for an inside shot.
9 days and 21 hours left and I'm the high bidder on the Brioni vicuna jacket. I don't even care that it's 1" too large in the chest. Now, everyone pretend it doesn't exist.
Take a look at Rogue Territory as another option..
post in the leather jackets thread for more feedback
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