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As an early adopter of the raw plum, maybe even the first on this board, I have had a little trouble matching it with anything other than a navy suit/jacket.
Manse's army isn't an army. They don't have any organization of their ranks, they are all on foot. And, of the 100k, probably 25k are younger men. The rest are women, old men, and children. It's 100k Wildlings, with all of their possessions, feed animals, etc. They don't have armor and their weapons are whatever they could scavenge from the Night's Watch dead, plus wooden spears and rocks.Stannis has castle steel and a few hundred armored knights to go with a couple...
Really. No mention of Tysha. Really? Something that affected him so deeply and he mentioned it in seasons 1 and 2. Not to Jaime. Not to Twyin. No mention to Jaime that Cersei was banging Lancel. Great episode, but it was missing some key character stuff. And, that sure didn't look like Blood Raven. Plus, Jojen knows when he's going to die, and it's not today. Maybe as soup, but not today.
I have the Somerville on the 363. It's a boot, so it may a little different in boot form. It fits me better than the 348, which also fits pretty well, but not quite as well. The 363 is my best last including my mostly AS collection of shoes. Anyway, I wear a 8.5US in Alden Hampton last, which is pretty standard to the Brannock. I wear the 7.5UK on the 348. I wear an 9US for Barneys in the 363. I assume that tracks to an 8UK, but I can't be sure because it was sized...
Last, but not least, is my third new Hober this week. Macclesfield #109.
My first wear of Slate Blue Prometeo. As a fan of the grossa weave over the fina, I have to say I really like the even larger, looser weave of the prometeo. Cloudy day in DC so the colors are a little washed out w/ my iPhone under fluorescent lights and no sun.
Bony and scaly. If they only swam instead of flew, they might qualify. Or, if they had feathers.
First wear for the navy diamond weave, a popular tie on this thread. It's a little brighter than my navy grenadine, which is perfect. Had they been identical in color I would have probably confused some people. It will see heavy rotation.
But the chain was tactical and made Tyrion's use of wildfyre that much more devastating because none of the ships could attempt retreat. Here it was just special effects for their own sake.
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