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Can't wait for the buddy film w Stannis and Brienne. Oh, yeah and Pod, and Reek and Sansa. Not really a buddy film after all.I'm retired from show watching until the books are completed or George dies.
So here's my finale review- They blew Arya's best lines in the books when she didn't deliver the boots. Sure, she executed someone else in AFfC, but when she delivered the boots to the Kindly Man and she explained who's they were it was great. He then asked, who killed this man of the Night's Watch? and she answered "Arya Stark of Winterfell." He then asked, who are you? And she said, "No one." That was fucking Why did they kill off Myrcella? Just for shock value....
Casual Friday in the office. The underrepresented Team Navy with Rivets.
That Wyman Manderly discussion yesterday drew me to one of his great lines. When treating with liars, even an honest man must lie. Lord Wyman to Davos Seaworth, Hand of the King.
The Wall is magic. It was built by the First Men (Bran the Builder) and included magic from the Children of the Forest when there was still magic in the world - specifically designed to block the Others.
Yes and no. [[SPOILER]]
Varys' whereabouts are unknown. He was last seen in with Tyrion, but Tyrion was kidnapped several weeks ago. If he has Littlefinger's helicopter he could definitely be in KL by now.
Snow. My wife called me that before she ate her fingers, but I say Bolton.
In the books it's alluded to that he and Renly had a relationship, but it's not downright known to every man woman and child in Westeros. He's not portrayed as hopping into bed with every pretty gay prostitute or otherwise in Kings Landing. He's a loyal solider for his family and defends his sister more than doing anything else. Moreover, he proves his loyalty to the Throne by volunteering to lead the assault on Storms End. Whether he's truly on his deathbed from...
Shireen is alive and in residence at the Wall with her mother, Melisandre, and a lot of the Queen's Men - those loyal to the Selyse Florent more than Stannis himself. They are also devout followers of R'hllor and follow Melisandre. The Wildlings are terrified of Shireen bc of her greyscale. Shireen seems to have some dreaming prophecies. Melisandre has been hanging with Jon Snow, but not offering up her naked body to him. Just talking to him about King's Blood and her...
New Posts  All Forums: