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9 days and 21 hours left and I'm the high bidder on the Brioni vicuna jacket. I don't even care that it's 1" too large in the chest. Now, everyone pretend it doesn't exist.
Take a look at Rogue Territory as another option..
post in the leather jackets thread for more feedback
Slim Fast money.Jacket would fit me perfectly if it were 1" smaller in the chest. 21" would be just right.But, despite being from the same hometown originally, I'm not a billionaire.
I use London Tailor myself for regular alterations. He favors long sleeves. I always battle with him to show a little more shirt cuff. Very competent work though. I've never had him deal with a collar roll on a jacket though. He hasn't noticed that issue, so I've gone elsewhere to solve that problem. I use Field's English in Georgetown for complicated alterations, but he's a bespoke tailor first, so you might not get in with alterations unless business is slow. ...
That fencing jacket is
It's a holy sheet jacket.
Spoiler any plot or character info that hasn't yet appeared on screen. You can talk freely about stuff that's appeared on screen or that differs from the portrayal on screen, unless it is a prediction about future events and how they may fill in the gaps based upon how they've fucked up what's on screen compared to the books.That's at least the rule I've used.
Just ordered my first Rouge Territory jeans. Got the tonal Stantons. Great thread. It helped me with sizing. Going to need to hem them. I have a 28" inseam, so cuffing them from 36 would be outrageous.
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