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I'm not watching it. I said it before, and I'll say it again next Spring. I'd rather read the books should they ever come out without complete BS for shock value where characters act inconsistently and laws of the created universe are forgotten.
Because once the showrunners decided to go off the page, they didn't have to have any logic whatsoever. They just make up independent scenes that defy the character development, geography, and established universe rules. Because most people aren't paying attention it doesn't matter.I mean, Littlefinger flies around Westeros and covers hundreds of miles in an episode's time. He's done this repeatedly. It's snowing for many consecutive episodes. Stannis is bogged down. ...
Why was the field outside of Winterfell completely free of snow (Ramsay excepted). I mean, the entire ridge with horses was green and lush. It had been snowing for a month or more. Stannis was bogged down. Winterfell should have had drifts up to peoples heads, but it was still ankle deep inside the walls where people were walking constantly. Yet, lush and green. I mean a a little consistency would be nice. And, where the hell was Dany. She wasn't near Slaver's Bay,...
Can't wait for the buddy film w Stannis and Brienne. Oh, yeah and Pod, and Reek and Sansa. Not really a buddy film after all.I'm retired from show watching until the books are completed or George dies.
So here's my finale review- They blew Arya's best lines in the books when she didn't deliver the boots. Sure, she executed someone else in AFfC, but when she delivered the boots to the Kindly Man and she explained who's they were it was great. He then asked, who killed this man of the Night's Watch? and she answered "Arya Stark of Winterfell." He then asked, who are you? And she said, "No one." That was fucking Why did they kill off Myrcella? Just for shock value....
Casual Friday in the office. The underrepresented Team Navy with Rivets.
That Wyman Manderly discussion yesterday drew me to one of his great lines. When treating with liars, even an honest man must lie. Lord Wyman to Davos Seaworth, Hand of the King.
The Wall is magic. It was built by the First Men (Bran the Builder) and included magic from the Children of the Forest when there was still magic in the world - specifically designed to block the Others.
Yes and no. [[SPOILER]]
Varys' whereabouts are unknown. He was last seen in with Tyrion, but Tyrion was kidnapped several weeks ago. If he has Littlefinger's helicopter he could definitely be in KL by now.
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