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Does anyone have experience with these two types of Orlebar Brown polos? The Harris is supposed to be the same look as the Sebastian, but out of lighter material. Oddly, the L for the Sebastian is 1/2 in wider across the shoulders even though the chest is identical on their website.
I'm 5'7" and started with 3.5" for my first ~8 Hobers. Then, I narrowed to 3 3/8. I think i have another half dozen in the narrower width. I like it better, although most probably wouldn't notice.
I immediately thought - wow, that Corneliani ID sweater jacket is in my size. Then, I realized I had consigned it. NWT. Never warn, other than to try on. Wish I could have kept it, but realized I had way too many navy jackets/sweaters in various styles and this one was too redundant.
Very cool. I have the Hannover in Walnut and I love that color, but yours really blows it away.
Ordered the sport trainers and picked up some sale Walts in Espresso Super 120's. What are you gonna do? You order something that won't come for a few months, so you need some immediate gratification to go with it.
Is the sizing identical bw the HH GAT and the CC tennis trainer?Thanks
Wyman Manderly didn't forget. The North Remembers!
And yet, her duty is to Sansa and Lady Catelyn. She actually has no duty to kill Stannis. Her duty was to protect her King. Those things are different. He probably changed her mind with that statement. We've been waiting two books to see what she does with Jaime and LS. This is likely similar if the garbage writers even know George's plans for that situation.
A Dance with Dragons/Winds of Winter Book info: [[SPOILER]]
I'm not watching it. I said it before, and I'll say it again next Spring. I'd rather read the books should they ever come out without complete BS for shock value where characters act inconsistently and laws of the created universe are forgotten.
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