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I'm a 5'7" early forties guy. I buy a lot of casual clothes from Epaulet, one of the sponsors of a thread on this site. Their rivet chinos are nicely cut and somewhat expensive, but not outrageously so. Not too skinny, but up to date. I highly recommend having all pants tailored. Your dry cleaner can probably hem pants - maybe not jeans, for that I'd find a real alterations tailor. I have my jeans hemmed too, because a 34 inseam pants on my 28.5" inseam legs just...
Wow. Just scored the Japanese Dark Indigo hoodie zip up sweatshirt. Just popped up in the sale section after not being on the site for a long time. Been hemming and hawing about adding a navy hoodie to my grey, but this one is so much more unique. Very pleased. Added my first loop wheel t-shirt to get over $50 for free shipping. I know buying one is a slippery slope and it means I'll order more soon. Haven't even gotten my order from last Friday evening. Should...
Funny thing is I love Hober's keepers, but never use a keeper. I could order them without, but I really like the craft involved in the Hober keepers. They look so good even though nobody will ever see them. I prefer to let my backside fly free. (The backside of my tie that is.)
Also got the navy track pants and the blue chambray popover.I have the zip up hoodie in grey. Bought it right before the sale. At the current price I think everyone should buy one. Unreal price now for the quality and versatility.
Congrats on the tie and the job. One of my favorite colors - although I have the grossa. I find myself wearing it at least twice a month.
This is a Hober sponsored thread so I don't want to advertise for other sellers here. Send me a PM.
I've got the grossa and love it, especially with a white shirt and my navy double breasted pencil stripe suit.
I don't know anything about Chipp, so take this for what it's worth. I have both Hobers and Drakes ties. They are the only two brands I've bought over the past 4+ years. In terms of quality and finishing, I'd put them on par. For Drakes, however, I only buy on sale when their prices go under $100 at various sites. And, they have to be right. They have to be 56" x 3 1/4 that I wear, not their longer/wider or skinnier ties. In Hober I can get a more correct length of...
Great profile pic.Jeans would always work. Maybe brown cords? Purple and brown usually work really well, this is more magenta on my monitor, so maybe not.
Also very interested in polos. Been holding off buying an Orlebar Brown because of price. I assume EP would be of similar or even better quality but at a slightly better price point. Plus more interesting colors.
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