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Valar Morghulis is the truest spoiler
I tuck my ties into my shirt when eating lunch at work. I know I must look like an idiot, but to clean a shirt costs $2.50. To clean a tie… it may be impossible. A tie serves no function, unless it's as a bib. I prefer to have it serve no function.
ILR School 96, but I'm not wearing a blazer with Cornell buttons.
I have the Hannover. I really like them. They seem very rugged, yet still dressy enough for casual Fridays in the fall, winter, and rainy spring. I've never handled the Islay in person, so I can't do a direct comparison. The Hannovers are very dark pebble brown (called walnut pebble by AS). They look almost black when not under direct light but are obviously brown in daylight. I like that they don't' have speed hooks. Much easier to wear with heavy flannel pants or...
Have never looked for Hobers on ebay, but I could definitely take 55" length. Too bad I'm in the US and only have a score in the mid-20s. He needs someone like Spoo to buy them I guess (although Spoo's in the US), so maybe Malford. Given how reasonably priced Hobers are compared to other high end ties I never though to look for them on ebay. I consider buying them new to be a huge bargain. I can only imagine how little they would have to be on ebay to be worth not...
Thank you
I have a pull on one of my grenadines. I consider it sprezz. If you can't fix it the recommended way by pulling it from behind, just leave it be. Otherwise, you could wind up unravelling the entire tie. At least that's my completely non scientific worry.
I don't like the jacket sleeves that go down to the end of the thumb webbing. But, I do think they should go down to the length of a dress shirt and end at the top of the thumb, fully covering the wrist. These look like a suit jacket, showing a 1/2 inch of shirt cuff.
Anyone have any experience or fit pics with the polos? Price seems too hard not to try one.
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