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They all ship quickly for things in stock.
SF sponsors Howard Yount, Epaulet, and Panta all have what you're looking form at slightly different levels of finish and somewhat different, but all tailored fit. By nut huggers I think you probably are looking for the one that has the largest rise measurement at your waist size. All of these sellers are going to cost more than most of the stuff at the stores you're looking at, but they will all make a much superior product. I have pants from both HY and Panta and have...
it's almost like you didn't read Despos' posts. Their press probably caused it. A tailor will press it differently. He's a master tailor- he knows.
Sietsema is actually a very good reviewer of restaurants. And, having been on the DC steakhouse circuit a few times, I can't say I disagree with him. Most of the meat is mediocre or poorly cooked. The chains really don't perform well, outside of the Palm. Charlie Palmer's service is terrible and so are the acoustics. Only the wine makes the place tolerable. Ruth's Chris is really up and down in terms of both meat quality and cook to order. Morton's is adequate. I...
From what I recall Leffot had a lot at that price range- AS Handgrade, G&G, EG, perhaps one or two more. They had Alden as well, much lower down the line, focusing mostly on boots if I recall, but not much if anything in the middle where C&J and AS Benchgrade seem to occupy the space here on SF.
Yes, these are superb shoes and yes we can use this design on a AS Exclusive spec shoe - we want to find out what other styles you would want, and in what leathers and colours. We can run this as an mto over on the thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/300953/a-fine-pair-of-shoes-x-alfred-sargent-mto-thread if you want or we can get a really good idea then put a stock line order in with AS - up to you.[/quote]Very interested but cash poor at the moment. Personal preference...
how much dinero?[/quote]I don't remember exactly, but I think they were approx $1100 or $1200 if MTO on a different last/leather color.
[/quote]I should have added that the photo is courtesy of Leffot. I tried them on, and loved them, but they are a bit out of my current price range.
I've had London Tailor in Bethesda shorten sleeve from the shoulder. Went reasonably well. Still felt it was a little long, but not beyond the traditional length. Would have liked an additional 1/4 inch shorter.
Blake from the Handgrade line.
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