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Sure doesn't look like Rhaegar.Common theory, which is the moral of the story: [[SPOILER]]
David has a very good tutorial on estimating length for your first order on his website.If I recall, the best way is to take your best fitting tie in the knot you favor, and put it on. Measure that tie. Subtract or add any length from that length as needed to have it reach the goal length. David suggests having two inches difference between the rear blade and front blade when tied.After you get your first order you can adjust accordingly.As an FYI- I also wear a 39-40s...
Was it Greg Ostertag?
My wife who doesn't follow politics at all and had never seen him before today said the same thing. He looks like that geeky guy from Sabre on the office.
It is only about a size or two too big for him.
#1 most important thing is to have them tailored to the right length with no break with the original hem at the bottom. You will look better if they just touch the top of your shoes and don't pool and drag on the floor. No different from dress trousers, although you might want a small break on those.
I don't think they're discontinued. Sky Valet in DC has them in stock all the time.
I wear the Westbourne 348 Last in 7.5UK and wear 8.5D in Alden Hampton Last. I also have the Somerville marked 9US for Barneys, which is an 8UK.
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