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Here's a site with photos of the Westbourne with various polishes and patinas. It's on the 348. http://shoes.cogimator.net/Modele/222/Westbourne Lots of other C&J and other makers in the wild as well.The 348 is a chisel toe, not blocky at all in my experience.
I placed my order, with the assumption that the procedures will be identical to the Milton- place order for size only.AFPOS will email us for additional specifications - last; width.Wait for 6 willing souls.Thanks,Eugene
Julian and Sarah,Can you please confirm the choice of lasts and whether or not trees will be included.If the details are confirmed we're ready to go. I think we've got at least three and probably four right now and two more should pop their heads up at some point soon, right?Thanks,Eugene
More burnished oak. Perhaps in a better light.
I am in.Same two choices of last as the Milton? I am interested in the 48.And trees?
I would also pass in burgundy.Burnished oak or mahogany are my choices, with a preference toward the burnished oak.
Or Alden. Or random interesting shoes.
I think this is what my #1 preference would be. on the 48 last.
I'm definitely in for Oak or Mahogany for the Blake austerity brogue.Less interested in chestnut and would probably pass. I have C&J Westbourne in chestnut and I'm looking for some diversity in both color and style. Austerity brogues in a darker brown do that for me.Here are three shots in burnished Mahogany handgrade from Leffot:
I have.I didn't want to start it b/c I didn't want to commit the funds right now, but if someone else did, I'd have no choice.Here is the AS Blake.pic via AS websitepic via Leffot in Handgrade in burnished MahoganyPersonally, I'd be looking for calf in a mid-dark brown on the 48 last. Prefer something darker like Oak.Calf should bring the price down a bit compared to shell, which other than the Miltons seem to the favorite choice for MTO.
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