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Let's get this into production. As a craps shooter has been known to say, "baby needs a new pair of shoes."
Last night was a brutal let down. Tonight was incredible. The energy in that park was crazy. It was like it was back in the mid-90s when I lived in the Charm City. Games were sold out. The fans were rocking.
I agree to Dark Brown. That's 2/3. We only need the third to agree to change the page.
I have such small feet. 7.5UK for my Westbournes.I tried the Drummond in navy at Barneys and it fit as an 8.5US the same as my Westbourne. Didn't buy, because the broguing's off color just didn't work for me. Had it been the same blue, I would have been in.
I was thinking the U-throat by the eyelets not the quarter or heel counter.
It's not yet ordered, but we'd have to get everyone who has joined the MTO to agree.
Looks stunning. I hope we get 6 orders quickly. Secretly wish we had done the lace area inside the "U" in suede just to make it a little more unique, but I think that might have driven off some purchasers looking for a traditional austerity brogue.
Headed to Game 1 and 2. Game 1 comped through someone we do business with, who happens to be in the sports broadcasting business. Game 2 pricey through Stubhub. I'll consider to have paid the average. Go O's. Going to be chilly Sunday evening.
Very fond of Sky Valet. Local for me, so very convenient. And, very nice guys. I buy my Alden there too.I also have bought a pair at Barneys NY flagship store when they were on clearance sale. Those prices can't be beat - 50% off. Too bad there was nothing else I wanted at the time.
New Posts  All Forums: