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Thanks for the HT. Here's English Dot Silk #2 following my purple theme. 3-fold.First attempt at self photo using iphone. I hope to improve the effort in the future to match pinkpanther.
I loved the story about them warging into female bears and mating with actual bears. It meshed well with Tormund's story about mating with a Giant and separately a bear.
My favorite nickname, besides the fools who've been completely omitted, is "Lord Too Fat to Sit a Horse." Perhaps b/c he's one of my favorite third tier characters. The Northern Lords are really all given their own personalities, even those who hardly appear on the page. Greatjon Umber and his brothers plus SmallJon, the Leech Lord and the Bastard, Rickard Karstark, the Reeds, Lady Mormont and her daughters, Lady Hornwood, Lady Dustin. They're all interesting.
I love the navy grossa grenadine. It was my first Hober and probably my most used tie. I most frequently wear shirts that are light blue or light blue/white semi-solid, so navy goes with them well.I also gravitate toward purple ties. As long as the pattern is simple I think they are not too bright/flashy and go equally well with navy or grey suits as well as both light blue and white shirts. I have the dark purple/black fina grenadine, the English dot silk #2, and...
A naked man has few secrets. A flayed man has none.
She still believes in the perfect knight who will protect the weak and innocent. She sees Ser Loras as that perfect knight. He can physically protect her, but also meets her other needs. He's not threatening physically because he's more effeminate than Sandor Clegane, who could better protect her and offered to take her away- granted he was covered in blood and stunk of wine at the time. Sandor even protects Ser Loras from Gregor.Oh, how I wish for Garlan Tyrell and...
Robert Arryn or "Robin Arryn" on the show because if people actually had the same names like real Royal Houses it would confuse stupid tv viewers.He's Lord of the Vale of Arryn, but not Warden of the East. I believe Tywin had Jaime bestowed with that title angering Lyssa. That said, Littlefinger is Lord Protector of the Riverlands and he's not their either, so what's the real benefit.
rambling response: [[SPOILER]]
The attraction of Varys and Littlefinger is that they do things behind the scenes and have secret plans. The fact that the showrunners bang viewers over the head and have them explain their secret plans to everyone they encounter kind of makes the plans unsecretive and makes the characters seem pretty stupid instead of cunning.
Reek, Reek, it rhymes with weak episode.Is there an award for worst adapted teleplay?I liked the parlay between Ser Jaime and Lord Bolton and the casting of the Freys, but otherwise, where did they get that other 45 minutes? [[SPOILER]] GRRM is the showrunner for the Bear and the Maiden Fair next week, so it could bring things back to normalcy. The episode before Blackwater was awful too.
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