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I think the producers did shots with most of the major characters on the iron throne. Cool that they included Ghost for Jon.Whoever is doing their marketing obviously read the books and made up his/her mind on the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy.
I love my C&J Somervilles and didn't have a need for another balmoral boot, but you guys did a terrific job in designing these boots. Stunning. They really are a terrific blend of color, texture, and design. I really like the shortwing. Can't wait for the Blakes to be made up.
+1. Wearing mine today. Nail pattern matches C&J as well.
I'd be interested in the Keats in burgundy or oxblood, perhaps with matching suede in the throat of the adelaide by the laces.
By same money, do you mean twice the price? These aren't handgrade, these are exclusive range. My impression was that G&G cost around $1200+ for calf so a few hundred more for shell.
For some reason I think some may be thinking it was supposed to be the color of whiskey shell.
It always depends on the last for me. For the 348 I am a full size down from Alden's Hampton last. On the brannock I'm a true 8.5. I wear the same in Alden's Hampton, but 7.5 on the C&J 348. Milage may vary with different lasts.
348 is a narrow last in my experience. You may have trouble with it.
I was hoping for a voiceover with the Bastard and Reek like the one last season with Varys talking to Tyrion.
I had tried on a 48 Last at Leffot about two years ago and actually had the size written down, but I never actually tried the size I picked. Tried a 7.5 narrow and an 8 narrow and went with a 7.5 regular width, which Leffot didn't have in stock.
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