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Dark red grossa. Finally figured out how to get some detail of the weave in an iphone photo. Needed to face the window on a brighter day.
A Lannister Honeypot.
I just did an interview along with two colleagues and ASoIaF (GoT) fans with an NPR producer. I'll let everyone know when it's to air and if there's a direct link to the story. About how TV fandom discussions are more intelligent now, mostly because TV is more intelligent now.
Jaime Lannister sends his regards. [[SPOILER]]
It is implied in a later scene with Theon and the Bastard.
Wow, GRRM wrote the teleplay and that episode was so... meh. [[SPOILER]]
Carbon black piccola w/ Rubinacci Sirenuse square from ASW
Thanks for the HT. Here's English Dot Silk #2 following my purple theme. 3-fold.First attempt at self photo using iphone. I hope to improve the effort in the future to match pinkpanther.
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