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This, other than a less red color, is the inspiration of doing a Keats in burgundy with a burgundy suede U-throat.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2011/11/todays-favorites-anthony-delos.html
Unfortunately for me, those pairs are Phorm's. I was just commenting on the color differences he was noting.
Might be willing to go as light as cherry antique in the red family.
I'm interested in the Keats as well. Color would be a major factor for me. I'm looking for something oxblood or burgundy, otherwise I don't think I'd be interested. I would be willing to do something interesting, though, like the same color suede inside the adeleide U by the lacing.
My Westbournes are considerably lighter in color than my Somervilles and they are both listed as chestnut antique. Not sure why C&J have two colors called the same thing that look so different.
Not sure it's FedEx as much as it's random.Got my second package from AFPOS this Monday via FedEx. Arrived two business days after my order. Unreal speed from the UK to US through customs and delivered. No charges either time for me. I'm sure that jinxes my next order by posting, but I can't complain.
They are associated in that RL buys C&J shoes with RL logos and branding and sells them through its distribution chain.RL is a designer, distributor, and retailer. They are not a manufacturer. I don't think there's a single item made by RL at any level. For some RL shoes, C&J is the manufacturer. For its Purple Label shoes EG is.
Sale looks incredible. Too bad the Charlton is out in my size 7.5UK. I was really looking for a split toe derby on a dainite sole. I think I'll have to buy proper evening shoes finally. Wearing polished black cap toes with a dinner suit has come to an end.
I think the producers did shots with most of the major characters on the iron throne. Cool that they included Ghost for Jon.Whoever is doing their marketing obviously read the books and made up his/her mind on the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy.
I love my C&J Somervilles and didn't have a need for another balmoral boot, but you guys did a terrific job in designing these boots. Stunning. They really are a terrific blend of color, texture, and design. I really like the shortwing. Can't wait for the Blakes to be made up.
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