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Great price!
I have the Charlton in pinner. Mixed up my models.
Close to espresso; perhaps the same color just described differently. Pediwear calls the Herrick espresso suede not pinner suede. So does AS's facebook page. EG's mink suede is probably around the same, but I don't have any experience with that except web pictures. Polo suede is definitely redder and lighter.
It's dark brown suede. Looks almost black in shadow, but is clearly brown under light.I have the Ramsay in pinner suede. Sorry no pics.
All these pictures are extremely tempting, but I've got to stick with the plan to get a couple linen shirts next from Hemrajani before I buy more shoes.Thanks for posting, though. Even though I have to restrain myself, they are really fun to look at.
Robb didn't see the daughters when Catelyn agreed to the marriage pact. She didn't either. Robb was promised a pick from something like six eligible daughters and granddaughters of the appropriate age. He would get to make the pick when he returned from the war. And Arya would be married to one of the sons or grandsons when she came of age.
I have heard they are very good. Haven't listened myself. The newer version of AFfC audiobook has the same narrator as the others, but the original had someone else and it made fans angry.
Walder Frey isn't even on Arya's list. She's got people she's interested in, and more likely than not, she kills them through unseen, non-martial means [[SPOILER]]
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