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I have a pull on one of my grenadines. I consider it sprezz. If you can't fix it the recommended way by pulling it from behind, just leave it be. Otherwise, you could wind up unravelling the entire tie. At least that's my completely non scientific worry.
I don't like the jacket sleeves that go down to the end of the thumb webbing. But, I do think they should go down to the length of a dress shirt and end at the top of the thumb, fully covering the wrist. These look like a suit jacket, showing a 1/2 inch of shirt cuff.
Anyone have any experience or fit pics with the polos? Price seems too hard not to try one.
Headed there for work next month for a week. Approx 1.5 days off during that time, plus a few dinners. Suggestions for any activities, restaurants, sites, shopping would be appreciated from anyone who's lived or visited. Thanks
Perhaps a little more out of the norm- headed to Sofia, Bulgaria for work next month. Any recommendations for anything. Should have 1.5 free days and dinners a couple nights.
I got hit by DHL in my last order of 3 ties. I had not been previously, either DHL or postal. $20.20 on $274. Not bad for 2 days shipping. I had never been hit with duties on the slow boat method, but it takes 3 weeks to arrive. I only had one prior DHL order and no duties. Considering I've now bought something close to 15 ties and paid a total of $20.20 in duties I consider it a win.
Just to be clear, I meant a pair of Hannovers. I have four other pairs of Sargents from AFPOS. Best price to quality ratio along with the best service around.
I bought a pair from AFPOS a few months ago. They are terrific.
I believe that's what AFPOS is looking into. Personally I would prefer it with a medallion on the toe cap of the Moore as well or a medallion toe adelaide with no cap, but beggars can't be choosers. I really just want an oxblood oxford from AS.
Of course they have killed off all of her handmaids and bloodriders. Probably just b/c they can't afford to keep a cast of thousands so in order to add Missendei and Daario they have to kill Dany's other secondary characters. They could have at least put Daario in charge of the Stormcrows so that Brown Ben Plumm could be introduced later. I expect he will have a role to play in the story.
New Posts  All Forums: