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Ordered the Moore in Burgundy. Will be my 5th pair of AS from AFPOS. (6th if you count the loafers I sold) Thanks again to Sarah for the sizing advice. I've been waiting a long time for a pair in burgundy. After they arrive and the hurricane departs, I'll take a family portrait. Also, thanks for the SF discount code.
Nothing artistic
I've been asking about the Moore in burgundy or oxblood for several years, so it's time to put my money where my mouth is. I almost bought an EG in burgundy in the meanwhile, even though that would have been double the price.I assume the Radwell is on a leather soleā€¦ I need a chukka, but probably need to get one on dainite to be a little more versatile. Probably will have to get the Bexhill at some point.
I've had good success with M Kenny and My Tailor. It's definitely not as finessed as some other MTM, but there's not many options in DC. I have used Field English Custom Tailor. The prices were nearly double that of My Tailor for Thomas Mason Silver fabrics and the results only better for the collar and shoulder slope adjustment. The sleeves were a tad too short. Mr. Field has the shirts made at Geneva in NY. Both fit well through the body and arm volume.
What about a light weight option in a linen/cotton blend - tobacco brown?
I had an issue with a pair of Howard Younts before I switched to EP. The HY were always tight in the seat and I could feel it when I sat down. It's probably just the cut and how they fit on you. Have you tried different styles with different cuts? Maybe switch from Walt to Rudy.
UFO is definitely a thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88iX4kS2r_g
i wear the C&J 348 and AS 48 in the same size. I find the 348 a little roomier in terms of width. The 48 is a handgrade last for AS. It's much more shapely through the waist and holds the arch tighter.
Seems like you've answered your own question.
Very cool. I really like the shape of those chukkas and the color looks great.
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