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It looks like the sleeves are too short for the model too and they just hiked up the shirt cuff as well to give it the appropriate amount showing. Look at how exposed his wrist bone is.
The pick stitching seems to highlight the fact that the lapels do not have satin or grosgrain. Because it does not, I wouldn't consider it a dinner jacket, despite the other formalities (black, no vent, peak lapels). It's just a formal black suit.
AS is a higher quality shoe than most if not all of the others you have shared. I think you're in the UK, so you have a lot more options available regularly than we do in the US and you know your UK size.
I like the 5th Ave., because I like quarter brogues (aka punch cap toe). I personally have the Alden in this style. http://www.skyvalet1.com/Alden-Straight-Tip-Bal_p_154.html
I agree w/ everything except the made in Italy. Hickey Freeman is made in Rochester, NY.
Yes. Rolex has tight controls on its authorized dealers. Generally SS can only be discounted about 5%, two tone 10%, and gold/plat 15%. Daytona is usually sold at or above list. Other finer watches can be found for 15-25% below list at AD.
You've come to manage your anxiety. There is nothing you can do right now but wait and if it is unacceptable upon delivery request that they remake the jacket from scratch. They either stand behind their work or they don't. And, if they don't you're more likely to cost them more business than your own. If they do, then they will have your fit right and your respect, and likely a long-term customer. Good luck.
Sky Valet is one of a handful of C&J retailers in the US. It's a great store, but not near any metro station. I think they can special order any model, but they have those on their website in the store for trying on and immediate purchase.
You can get a bespoke Camille Fournet band. I say bespoke even though it's really just customized. You pick you material, stitching, length etc. I think they also have RTW versions in lug sizes and lengths. I've seen some made up very nicely with sharkskin bands for diving watches. I had one on my Tudor Sub from the early 80s before I traded it. A very nice strap. I think Hirsch also has sharkskin as well as stingray. I've also seen croc made up with natural...
Steed comes to DC 3 or 4 times a year. It's soft tailoring/drape cut from a Saville Row approach. Field's English Custom in Georgetown is more traditional English tailoring. It's not military style, but not soft tailoring either. Kind of middle of the Saville Row road. They are the top two in the area regularly - one all the time, the other capable of getting you a suit in 9-12 months.
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