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Don't underestimate the scene with Sandor and Lord Beric. I love Sandor and Arya so of course it was great for me. There were a lot of great scenes this episode.Mayhaps the Kingthalyer looked a little too good with his left hand me thinks.
Agreed. The Nights Watch revolt wasn't bad. Would have liked to see Sam panic and freeze, staying with the Old Bear as he died, though. Although it's probably a throw away, LC Jeor Mormont's statement to Samwell that he wants Jorah to join the Nights Watch to redeem himself is a nice scene in the book.
AS has the Ramsay double monk is to the same standards and has a closed channel sole. It's approximately the same price, I would think. AFPOS has a lot of different configurations. Two custom to them, including whiskey shell and brown suede and leather.
That's a good strategy for a re-read, but I really believe it's critical to read them in the order they were intended by the author. There are a few major reveals that would happen way too quickly if you know what's going on in the other geographic areas, rather than reports back to the characters of AFfC. I enjoyed AFfC a lot more the second time I read it. The first time I was like- WTF, where are x,y, and z? And, the reports of some of them are classic GRRM style....
You should start with AGoT. It's got a lot of backstory about Robert's Rebellion that was ignored on the show. It's an easy read, although somewhat slow b/c of the style of writing and all of the names and places that are unfamiliar. A Clash of Kings is quite different than the second TV season, but you'll be used to the writing style so it can go quicker. A Storm of Swords is the fastest read, although the longest. It's got the most character development of the vast...
GRRM has finished two new books. No, neither of them are Winds of Winter.One is a Wildcards book.Another is a compilation he edited including a novella from the Song of Ice and Fire series. And, no, it's not a Dunk and Egg story. It's several generations before Dunk and Egg; the Dance of the Dragons. [[SPOILER]]
It was a push. With his right hand. His sword hand. His severed hand.
But, he did bring home a child he claimed to be his own, fathered after he was married and put the child in his household equal to his highborn children.
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