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The show has bungled Stannis' character. But, here's where it is as of this point in the timeline.Renly was the charismatic brother so the Storm Lords flocked to him. He had not plan to take KL and was just traipsing through the countryside with no plan whatsoever. But, the Lords and smallfolk loved him b/c he looked like Robert and was very friendly. He brokered a nice wedding to get the Reach into his fold, but still doesn't use them effectively. Tywin's in the...
Stannis is the true King by right. He's the King of the Andals, the First Men, and the show forgotten Rhyonar. He's Lord Protector of the Realm and shows it by what he committed to do this episode. Much like Samwell Tarly's statement that the oath is to Protect the Realms of men.Joffrey has no legal claim to the Throne. Robb had a claim to the North and mayhaps the Riverlands, which were never a Kingdom in and of themselves. Balon to the Iron Islands once declared...
Don't make me spoil the Jon Snow story for you too.Stannis is much more of a full character in the books even though he's only told through Davos' and others eyes. He is all about justice and rights. He is a great military strategist and an extremely hard man.When Davos had smuggled onions, among other things, into Storms End, which he held for Robert during the Rebellion, he told his men to eat rats, but they would never give up the castle. He protected his brother's...
Not at all for people who haven't through ADwD. All sample chapters for WoW:http://www.scribd.com/doc/110606135/The-Winds-of-Winter-all-sample-chapters
For continuity sake- Jon is a castle trained rider. He's riden all of his life. How does Ygritte who probably has never mounted a horse catch him when he left at full bore and she didn't even know where he was going? Just silly.In the book she or mayhaps another wildling feathered him with an arrow or two in the leg before he completely escaped from the melee with the old man. They just didn't have the "I have to go home, I love you" BS.
Methinks that they, especially Arya aren't sexy characters (they gave as much screen time last season to Ros who doesn't exist and Shae). The first season, and even the first half of the second Sandor was just a prop. Sandor should have 2 more scenes with Sansa last season - he definitely should have intervened in the throne room in the scene where Joffrey was having the other Kingsguard beating Sansa.And, Arya should have a had a lot more. This year they gave Ros less...
Only book readers please: [[SPOILER]]
Absolutely. Killing the Tickler and reciting his inquiry to him was so important. It was important to her as a character and cathartic to the reader. [[SPOILER]]
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