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No date announced, other than the 4th in the Dunk and Egg series will be released first. ADwD paperback will be out with the show at the end of March. Love the cross marketing.The Dunk and Egg may be out for Christmas 2013.Winds of Winter, I think we're looking at mid-2014 if we're lucky. And George's body doesn't give out. He's like a combination of Doran Martell and Magister Illyrio.
I have the 348, which I find a bit narrow in a 7.5UK and the 363 boot last, which I find to be nearly perfect in an 8UK. But, with boots, due to the ankle lacing, there's much less chance of heel slippage, which was the problem with the 348 in size 8.I'm an 8.5US on the brannock. I have narrow heels, so heel slippage is common, but I have flat feet that spread out, so a narrow shoe doesn't fit on the ball, even though it's perfect on the heel.
If you shine them up nice and dress them up with these flat silk shoelaces for your blacktie events, I think you'll be fine.http://store.asuitablewardrobe.net/flatsilkshoelaces.aspx
Yes, but in the examples, the Belgraves, Marstons, and Somerville are all handgrades and the Westbourne are benchgrades. Meanwhile, the Belgraves (pictured) and Westbourne (mine) are the same color (lighter), whereas the Marstons (pictured) and Somerville (mine) are the same color (darker).
I'd also be willing to do this as a the Moore, but I'd prefer to try it as a Keats
This, other than a less red color, is the inspiration of doing a Keats in burgundy with a burgundy suede U-throat.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2011/11/todays-favorites-anthony-delos.html
Unfortunately for me, those pairs are Phorm's. I was just commenting on the color differences he was noting.
Might be willing to go as light as cherry antique in the red family.
I'm interested in the Keats as well. Color would be a major factor for me. I'm looking for something oxblood or burgundy, otherwise I don't think I'd be interested. I would be willing to do something interesting, though, like the same color suede inside the adeleide U by the lacing.
My Westbournes are considerably lighter in color than my Somervilles and they are both listed as chestnut antique. Not sure why C&J have two colors called the same thing that look so different.
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