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Usually Sarah nails the sizing. Sorry it didn't work out. Way too big for me or I might dive in. I'm a 7.5 or 8UK.
What happened? Bad fit on that last or something stylistic that just doesn't do it for you?
Awesome. That's on my list for my next order.
I'm just saying that you should finish ASoS before they show it on TV. You can read AFfC and ADwD next offseason if you read it slowly.
E-mail Sarah. She does a great job recommending sizes for the various AS lasts.
Oh, if they were only my size. I really need a new shoe in oxblood and with MTO on hold, but alas my size is far too common.
More like half. But, yes, everyone who hasn't, should read AGoT, ACoK, and ASoS before next season begins.There's a package of all of the trade paperbacks together for those 3 plus AFfC. ADwD is supposed to come out before Christmas in paperback. Who the hell knows.
50 hours is kind of like my pace reading the first time through. It took me about 3-4 weeks per book reading 2 hours per day.
Well, I disagree that it was based upon attractiveness. She was loyal to the first one who treated her with respect. It made it more reasonable that her father was a Storm Lord, so Renly was her Lord Paramount. It was presumed by others that it was because Renly was nice to look upon, but that was not the true reason.
Her first loyalty was to the first male who treated her nicely. Renly danced with her. She was the ugly duckling and most men ignored her or mocked her. Her loyalty was because of fair treatment. While she became enamored with him, he continued to treat her fairly - by naming her to his Rainbow Guard when it was obviously not a woman's role and all of the others in his service were upset by it.She didn't like the Kingslayer, not because of Catelyn's anti-Lannister...
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