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It looks like Sargent is cannibalizing their own Exclusive line by producing the same shoes for Herring. Makes little sense to me. But, it definitely explains why our MTO Exclusives from AFPOS are taking well beyond their scheduled delivery date. http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/05/herring-alfred-sargent-1966-collection.html#comment-form
Some are book speculation, but with plot points that haven't been included in the show. Many are show spoilers because we've read all 5 books, so they discuss upcoming show events. If you haven't read the books, don't click on the spoilers.
There should be plenty more fat and/or ugly characters. But, it being Hollywood and all. Jorah should not be handsome at all. Magister Illyrio should be immense, but he was merely overweight. I can't wait to see how they cast Lord Wyman Manderly. He should be too fat to sit a horse. And so should his son who may or may not show up next episode. And, I'm wondering what they will do with Fat Walda.
And, there's no other Black Brothers around- so the nickname Sam The Slayer is definitely out the window. And, he will never get the respect he deserves for such an action. Nobody will believe him and why would they? But, if there were 2-3 Brothers there to see it, then he gets respect regardless of how shivering and peeing himself he is in the future.
NPR story about tv discussions. Me and a few friends about GoT at the beginning. http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=3 Play Despite - Digital Platforms, TV Still Relies on Word of Mouth
I think the beard and hair made him sound ridiculous even in a foreign culture.
Stormcrows, we barely knew you. RIP Brown Ben Plumm I guess you've been written out, despite your drop of dragon blood.
Sam the Slayer left the dragonglass blade behind. Great episode. Really enjoyed the Sandor-Arya banter. Great wedding. Only thing missing was a fat pink mast.
New Posts  All Forums: