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Jaime doesn't know who Bronn or Syrio are.His world is limited to Knights and men-at-arms from the Seven Kingdoms who likely fight in tourneys on a regular basis.Of the living at the time of the statement those who could qualify are:Oberyn MartellBarristan SelmyGarlan TyrellGregor CleganeSandor CleganeRandyll Tarly could qualify. He's older, but has a Valyrian Steel sword and is one of the best soldiers/generals in WesterosLyn CorbrayBalon Swann?
The Mountain is not a swordsman. He's a brute. He swings a two-handed greatsword one handed. And, can be bested by a more complete fighter.As a swordsman Loras is second to his non-crippled brother. Can't think of his name offhand.
GRRM has said that Arthur Dayne with the sword Dawn was the greatest swordsmen in recent Westrosi history. He said, without Dawn, Barristan Selmy would have been his equal and may have even surpassed him at their peaks, but that Dawn was enough advantage to make Dayne better. Dawn is a sword made of a fallen star, not Valaryan steel.
The Kingthalyer was malnourished and unpracticed/atrophied after being kept in a cage for a year. He started out in quarters suitable for someone of his birth and rank, but after his first escape he was kept in lowly solitary confinement.Brienne is a great fighter, but before being taking captive after the Battle of Whispering Wood Jaime was one of the best. He was not just a Knight of Summer like Loras. He was a seasoned Knight having fought as a squire against the...
ages [[SPOILER]]
No, but most of the mounts they took north of the Wall were killed by the undead army. The really stupid thing was they were walking north of the Wall and had no horses, yet there were a lot of dead horses buried in the snow. I know it's hard to work with animals, after Luck they don't want any to die for production, but they seem to travel vast distances on foot rather quickly. And, as here, they contradict themselves.
I thought it was Locke's men... the replacement for the Brave Companions.I really wish he had said Thapphireth! or Kingthalyer. But, this episode was awesome, especially compared to last episode which I felt was an utter disaster.
I have the suede version on dainite. The picture went up the day mine shipped out, and they're my size, so I believe those pictured on the AFPOS site are my actual shoes. The insole says Exclusive, but AS was reworking their lines when they barred AFPOS from shipping exclusives and I think they created the country distinction for anything on dainite or commando soles, along with grained leathers. It's up to Exclusive standards. The suede is very rich, the stitching...
I hope he talks about his member a lot.
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