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Threats won't help. He's doing too many side projects. The new Dangerous Women anthology that's out this winter. Another Dunk and Egg story. Executive producing the show 4 months out of the year including writing an episode, probably another month. Developing another show for HBO. Going to all of the cons.He's only got 3 years maximum until they've caught up with where he is now. He probably gets AWoW completed and to the publisher for final editing and publication...
I know when I die. It is not today. - paraphrasing Jojen.
He's set up a lot of characters to die or become lesser value soon. So, once he untangles that knot he can begin telling the story from fewer perspectives again, rather than spinning out new narrators. That's one side of the world - and then those people have to die or travel to the side of the world we actually care about. It's going to be a long journey unless he does a time jump. BAsed upon the previous chapters that's unlikely.I say 2015 for AWoW; 2019/20 for ADoS....
Usually Sarah nails the sizing. Sorry it didn't work out. Way too big for me or I might dive in. I'm a 7.5 or 8UK.
What happened? Bad fit on that last or something stylistic that just doesn't do it for you?
Awesome. That's on my list for my next order.
I'm just saying that you should finish ASoS before they show it on TV. You can read AFfC and ADwD next offseason if you read it slowly.
E-mail Sarah. She does a great job recommending sizes for the various AS lasts.
Oh, if they were only my size. I really need a new shoe in oxblood and with MTO on hold, but alas my size is far too common.
More like half. But, yes, everyone who hasn't, should read AGoT, ACoK, and ASoS before next season begins.There's a package of all of the trade paperbacks together for those 3 plus AFfC. ADwD is supposed to come out before Christmas in paperback. Who the hell knows.
New Posts  All Forums: