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Ties are not boobs. They are intended to be a little lopsided.
Just ordered Dark Purple/Black Grenadine Fina Silk Tie #35, Dark Red Grenadine Silk Tie #2, and English Stripe Silk Tie #33. Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh in a month or so. Went with standard construction 4-fold for the grenadines and 3-fold for the reppe. I wear a 4IH and don't need a gaudy knot. My 4-fold grenadine in dark navy is perfect, so why mess with a good thing. Went with 3.5" width and a length appropriate for my short height. Having one tie...
Pm sent
Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.
How about the AS Moore in Oxblood from Afinepairofshoes. I'm a sucker for an adelaide and if not black, I can only imagine wearing oxblood with charcoal.
Right sleeve looks a bit short. Otherwise hard to tell. Stand naturally with arms at side.
I attended a Black Tie wedding in NYC about a month ago. One well dressed man was wearing a midnight blue, peak lapel dinner suit with a real satin black bowtie and a turn down collar. His jacket did have two buttons, though. He had gold studs and cuff links. Don't know about cummerbund as he was always buttoned. He had a cream colored silk square. Another was wearing a single button, peak lapel in black with a turn down collar with fly front, MOP cuff links, a real...
My understanding is that all Filene's are closing. Syms declared bankruptcy and may be closing its primary stores as well as the Filene's brand it purchased hardly a year ago.
Just rolled the dice on a pair of Sargent Kelmarsh loafers. Thank you to Julian and Sarah who measured a number of pairs. I bought knowing full well the dimensions even though they may be a little short.. Externally, they are a near perfect match for a pair of Aldens oxfords I have, but are a little smaller internally. Let's hope that just helps because they are slipons. Otherwise, they may be someone else's gain. Others have said it, but I wanted to reiterate how...
There is no watch right now that can be predictably more valuable in the future. Therefore watches as investments is a very poor idea. However, as a staple item to own, that's something different.
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