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How about Theon killing the Ravens so Cat didn't know about the boys' deaths, making her releathe of the Kingthlayer turn her into the weakest character ever. Robbed her of Cat's best scene in the books - eating at Riverrun with Brienne when she told of the boy's death and her heartache. Just a devastating scene which sold the boy's deaths.And, yes the Undying was such a badly written scene. No symbolism, no Prince Who Was Promised. Total suck.
Danaerys is one of my least favorite characters in the books. But, remember, even though the actress is playing her at 18-20, she's only 13-15 in the books, so that's where the majority of her dialog comes from.Clash of Kings is a great book. I'd rank it #3. But, they gutted Jon Snow's story, made Catelyn weak and destroyed her motivation, and weakened Robb's story as well on the show. Plus, I'm a sucker for San/San (Sansa and Sandor Clegane), so I'm disappointed they...
I have the Pinner suede/dainite from AFPOS (the actual shoes pictured on their site are mine). The waist is actually pretty tapered for dainite. I was surprised how much shape there is to the shoe on that sole.I wear a 8UK on the 99 last, a 7.5UK on the 87 last. I ordered a 7.5UK on the AS 48 last, but haven't actually worn them yet b/c they're in process. I wear a 7.5 on the C&J 348 and from Barney's I wear a 9US on the 363. If ti's at all relevant I also wear a...
Jon Snow should be an albino cat with red eyes. Making him black just makes me think it's someone who doesn't read the books because Ghost was effectively written out of the show last season. In Clash of Kings he's pivotal for multiple reasons.
Personally, I don't like plain captoes. I do like adelaides - either semi brogues or austerity brogue adelaides. The U throat just does something for me. I do have a plain captoe balmoral boot, but it's with a suede shaft, so it's not exactly boring. I also have a captoe in black, but it's a quarter brogue or punch cap, so it's not totally plain. Everyone likes something different. That's why there are so many choices in shoes.
Many of the teaser chapters that he's read at the various Cons were cut from ADwD. He had 200 pages done before he even began. There was the World of book. Then he edited that short story book. He's promising a Dunk and Egg story. And, he's got a development deal with HBO. Plus he's writing one ep per season and reviewing story plans for every other episode to make sure it's not conflicting.He's stretched too thin for a man of his age and girth. He needs to focus...
When I started reading the books a friend of mine asked who my favorite character was. I was about 15 chapters into AGoT. I told him. He said, don't get too attached to anyone.Then Ned was killed.Then it appeared the boys were killed by Theon. That was sold much better in the books. They really blew it by not including the scene between Cat and Brienne at Riverrun.There will be other deaths. That's not a spoiler.Don't get too attached to anyone.
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