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Keep the shirt. Wing collar is for white tie. I bought my tie, socks, and cummerbund at ASW store. $175 for the cummerbund, $90 for the tie. Free shipping.
I think the punching too small. Larger punches would be nicer. I have the Wesbournes in chestnut and plan to get the Alfred Sargents in oxblood soon as well.
Received today in David's standard, yet outstanding packaging. Used regular shipping and it took just over 3 weeks from order to delivery. That's incredible. I will try to post images over the weekend.The fina dark purple/black is really beautiful. I have the grossa swatches and ordered that one on whim. I think I'm going to wind up with a few more fina grenadines based upon this one. Just wow!
I have to say I did forget AP. Although I hate their US distributor's philosophy (If you didn't buy your AP at full price from an AD, then you're not a true AP owner). Hey buddy, why does your distribution chain dump watches to grey market dealers, then.But, that's an aside. I forgot them and would put them in the same category as BP, Breguet, IWC, and JLC.VC uses JLC movements so I'm not so crazy about them. The history is there. The manufacture, unless things have...
I would put both JLC and IWC right behind Patek with Blancpain and Breguet. There are a few smaller makers who equal Patek, but they are very limited production. Lange is probably the only larger manufacturer who reaches Patek's level.Rolex is well below all of those I've listed. It only has a sports line, not fine timepieces.
Superior Watch Service is an authorized service center for IWC. I think it's in Brooklyn. Jack Freedman is a nice guy although he's a little prickly about his watches (not unlike a good tailor). If you want to do an in person repair, he's the perfect guy. Otherwise I'd send it to RGM which not only makes watches in PA, but also does repairs and restoration work at very reasonable prices. Good luck.
I've bought exclusively from their Thomas Mason Silver and Tessitura Monti books. Both have very high quality shirtings. Though I will say that without feeling the fabric it would be very hard to make decisions.
Their traveling tailors go to almost every major city in the US. I'd recommend getting an appointment and going through their fabric books to find one you like the feel of. It wouldn't hurt to have the tailor measure you for your shirt as well.
Just got these yesterday myself. Of course walking into Sky Valet makes me crazy. I now have a list of 4 other pairs I want to buy.
The dark purple/black is fina. The dark red is grossa. I also have the dark navy in grossa. I seem to gravitate to colors described as "dark."
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