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The preview of the chapter from Dangerous Women on the Dance of the Dragons is out. [URL=[/URL] This chapter will likely preview things to come in Winds of Winter.
Probably right b/c it looks like an inferior sole treatment compared to the Exclusive line. More like the old Premier grade shoes.
J.Crew's text written by someone who neither knows shoes nor anything other than packaging. Cobbler... exclusive style (Ramsey anyone?)
I have a low arch (completely flat on one foot) and consequently a low instep. I sized down an extra half size on the 348 from what I would have expected because of heel slippage. It felt tight at first, but the leather stretched nicely and now is very comfortable. I'm going through the same thing with a pair of AS that are tight across the ball b/c I went with a size that wouldn't slip in the heel. For my slip-on shoes I added a tongue pad to help with heel slippage. ...
It's king in the north.
The only other time they didn't immediately name who the person was cast for was Ramsay Snow. Based upon that there are some theories that he's either Bloodraven or the Kindly Man.
I think of Mace Tyrell as fatter. So, I'm thinking Randyll Tarly. I don't think he looks like Victarion, who's much thicker in the arms and chest. Same with Euron. The other option could by Prince Doran Martell.
I got my Blakes about 10 days ago.Posted about them a couple times.
Is that a proper Hober?
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