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Don't do that. You will get a LOT more than the backstory. You will also get huge spoilers about future developments about all of the characters. You want these things to be surprises. I'm willing to discuss future story behind spoiler tags and past story as it differs from the books, but I wouldn't want you to ruin the entire show by reading the wiki on characters.
Reek, Reek, it rhymes with freak, sneak, meek... [[SPOILER]]
I've heard that they are pretty good. The narrator who did the first three wasn't available for A Feast for Crows so it was someone different. They've recut it with him again because of fan complaints.
Sansa [[SPOILER]]
He told a lot more information when he trusted the boy with the light eyes than he did under physical torture.That said, these are tv scenes that are completely new, so it's all supposition.
Sandor is the Hound. His brother Gregor is the Mountain. Sandor is only 6'6" and much better spoken. Gregor is his older brother. Some 7"+ and 400 pounds. He wields a greatsword like a longsword. They went at it at the tourney of the Hand when the Mountain was about to kill Ser Loras for tricking his stallion by riding a mare in heat.Sandor is the one captured. Ser Gregor and his men are still out pillaging the countryside. Robb Stark's uncle Edmure Tully (Cat's...
Don't underestimate the scene with Sandor and Lord Beric. I love Sandor and Arya so of course it was great for me. There were a lot of great scenes this episode.Mayhaps the Kingthalyer looked a little too good with his left hand me thinks.
Agreed. The Nights Watch revolt wasn't bad. Would have liked to see Sam panic and freeze, staying with the Old Bear as he died, though. Although it's probably a throw away, LC Jeor Mormont's statement to Samwell that he wants Jorah to join the Nights Watch to redeem himself is a nice scene in the book.
AS has the Ramsay double monk is to the same standards and has a closed channel sole. It's approximately the same price, I would think. AFPOS has a lot of different configurations. Two custom to them, including whiskey shell and brown suede and leather.
New Posts  All Forums: